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New Lankhorst KLP® CoilWedge System at METEC 2023

Leading coiled steel storage systems manufacturer, Lankhorst Engineered Products, is announcing the new KLP® CoilWedge System on stand F41, Hall 5, at METEC 2023. Designed for the storage of wide and bundled slit coils, the KLP® CoilWedges provide support along the entire width of the coil for weight sensitive, thin walled steels.

The KLP® CoilWedge System offers the same flexibility as Lankhorst’s industry leading KLP® RollStop System for coil diameters and maximum flexibility for storing all coil widths. The long KLP® CoilWedge beams offer safe and flexible storage for wide coils and also for narrower or even (bundled) slit coils.

Made from moulded recycled plastics, the KLP® CoilWedge System uses a reinforced rail interlocking system with notches to position the KLP® CoilWedges on. Distances between the KLP® CoilWedges may vary depending on coil diameter. As standard coil wedges come in 1200 mm or 1500 mm lengths. The KLP® CoilWedge System allows two level coil stacking for optimum use of warehouse space. 

KLP® RollStop – maximum storage, maximum safety

The Lankhorst stand at METEC will also feature the KLP® RollStop System and KLP® Storageblocks. Like the KLP® CoilWedge System, they are turn-key storage systems offering maximum flexibility and maximum safety.

The KLP® RollStop System consists of four simple components: rail, connector, spacer and RollStop, and coil storage up to three levels. The interlocking system consists of a reinforced rail with notches on which the KLP® RollStops can be positioned. The distance between the plastic KLP® RollStops may vary depending on coil diameter. 

KLP® Storageblocks – sensitive handling

Not all coils can be stored in multiple levels. Sensitive material may not be stacked due to the risk of damage. Sometimes regular coils are stored temporarily awaiting further processing and slit coils maybe too narrow for stacking. For these applications Lankhorst has developed a wide range of KLP® Storageblocks. These are V-shaped coil pads with chock angles up to 15° which allow optimal support for (slit) coils.

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