Russula SAU

Russula’s will supply the Mill Pulse® suite

Liberty Steel & Wire has placed an order with Russula for the full Mill Pulse® suite, the Russula solution for Manufacturing Execution Systems, designed exclusively for rolling steel. The wire rod mill is in Peoria, IL.

The Mill Pulse® MES solution is framed within the broader scope of an electrical and automation upgrade for the two-strand wire rod mill, which will improve mill performance, plant-wide information gathering, and reporting. It will interface with the new Russula automation system. 

Mill Pulse® will enable Liberty Steel & Wire to organize plant production and tracking, manage raw materials and finished products, collect and control data, reporting, and KPI monitoring.  It will provide Liberty with a simple, consistent, and intuitive tool for pacing production; having a global view of production pace provides an efficiency goal for the rolling mill staff to achieve the final customer demand. Mill Pulse® will also simplify the internal change over or setup procedure, eliminating nonessential operations, creating standardized work orders and checklists assigned to user roles within the Mill Setup.

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