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STEEL MILLS from all over the world trust NIEL

3 Case Studies on Trust - directly from New India Electricals customers

The literal meaning of the word TRUST is a firm belief in a person's reliability, truth and ability.
Team NEW INDIA rests on these very pillars.
Over the course of 5 decades, across 3 generations and in 45 countries, we have succeeded in inspiring CONFIDENCE, demonstrating reliability, sticking to the truth and serving customers.
A measure of TRUST is when a company confidentially and repeatedly purchases different equipment from the same source.

Case 1:
Zambia's largest copper-producing mine regularly sources its needs from us and has placed over 100 orders with us in the last 15 years.
It is a sign of TRUST when successive generations source their needs from the same supplier.

Case 2:
1.SRJ Peety Steels, Jalna
2. Shri Bajrang Metallics & Power Ltd, Raipur
3. Radha TMT Bars, Hyderabad
4. Basai Steel & Power Pvt Ltd, Hospet
5. Saudi Steel Ltd, Saudi
6. Abyssinia Steel, Ethiopia
7. Prime Steel, Kenya
8. Narayani Ispat Pvt Ltd, Nepal
9. BSRM Steels Ltd, Bangladesh
10. Melbourne Metal, Sri Lanka

A measure of TRUST is when an entire industry decides to believe and rely on a supplier to meet their requirements.

Case 3:
Over a thousand primary, secondary and tertiary steel facilities around the world source their requirements from Team New India for their projects and emergencies.....

We are a one stop store for

ii. Pumps
iii. Switchgears
iv. Transformers

With a team strength of over 100 people, TEAM NEW INDIA has a collective experience of over 130 man-years.

The longest serving team member has been with NEW INDIA for over 38 years and the longest serving employee is 65 years old.

At New India Electricals, relationships are built on trust.

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