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Thickness measurement EMG iTiM xray: tough, fast and precise

The focus on the various technological solutions for thickness measurement of flat metal strips is a focal point of the current EMG project and ongoing development activities. The first topic at this point is thickness measurement using the X-ray transmission method.

With regard to X-ray based measurement techniques, it can be summarised that this method is well established in the hot and cold rolling sector. The EMG iTiM xray gauge can be used over a wide thickness range due to different generator voltages and provides highly accurate measurement results. One or more measuring heads can be applied in a stationary mode or in scanning mode for high-resolution profile measurement. EMG iTiM xray measuring systems are characterised by a high level of durability and robustness, are largely insensitive to external influences, and deliver highly accurate measurement results in very short sample times.  This makes these solutions ideally suited for the inline control of rolling mills in the sense of a closed control loop.

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