Extended service life, increased productivity and lower operating costs

Successful modernization of the electric arc furnace at Georgsmarienhütte

© 2016 SMS group GmbH

The DC electric arc furnace at Georgsmarienhütte, Germany. © 2016 SMS group GmbH

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH (GMH), Germany, had awarded SMS group the order to revamp the direct-current electric arc furnace (DC EAF) supplied by SMS in 1994 and modified in 2005, also by SMS.

On the basis of a study performed by SMS group, modifications were made to the arrangement of the secondary conductor of the EAF’s pin-type bottom electrode.

This measure had the purpose to shift and thereby weaken the effect of the hotspot, which typically occurs in DC furnaces. The new arrangement extends the lifetime of the furnace’s refractory lining, increases productivity and lowers the operating costs.

The SMS group supply scope comprised the engineering, manufacture and installation of the equipment as well as monitoring of commissioning.

The electric arc furnace has a tapping weight of 140 tons, an installed power of 130 MVA and is equipped with the pin-type bottom electrode patented by SMS group. The revamp took place during the shutdown in summer 2016.

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Source: SMS Group