Alacero, Santiago, Chile

In January / July 2015, Latin America received 5 million t of steel from China

In January-July 2015, China shipped 5 million t of finished steel to Latin America, 6% more than the 4.7 million t recorded in the same period of 2014. Total exports of finished steel from China continue to grow and reached 56.4 million t between January and July 2015, 28% more than in the same period of 2014. Latin America accounted for 8.9% of these exports, vs 10.7% registered in Jan/Jul 2014. After more than two years as the second largest destination for Chinese steel, the region came to a third place in July, after South Korea (that received 7.3 million t in the period, 12.9% of the total) and Vietnam (that received 5.3 million t, 9.4% of total). In July 2015, Latin America received 590,000 t of finished steel from China, 7% less than in June 2015 (637,000 t) and 16% less than the volume received in July 2014 (705,000 t).

The main Latin American destinations for Chinese finished steel between January and July 2015 were: Brazil that received 837,000 t (17% of the regional total); Central America that accumulated 805,000 t (16%); and Chile, with 702,000 t (14%).

During these seven months, the countries that most increased their imports of finished steel from China versus the same period of 2014 in percentage terms were: Argentina (+ 421%), Cuba (+ 233%), Dominican Republic (+ 166%) and Venezuela (+ 75%). Argentina, Cuba and Dominican Republic, however, represent only 2%, 2% and 3%, respectively, of the flow to Latin America.

On the other hand, imports of finished steel decreased y-o-y (in percentage terms) in: Brazil (-33%), Colombia (-14%), Peru (-13%) and Chile (-2%). These countries shares of the Latin American imports from China are 18%, 8%, 10% and 14%, respectively.

59% of the finished steel imported by Latin America from China during Jan-Jul 2015 consisted of flat products, which reached 2.9 million t. Among these, the most relevant products in terms of volume were:

  • Sheets and coils of other alloy steel (1.1 million t, 38% of the flat steel imported from China)

  • Hot galvanized (649,000 t, 22%)

  • Cold coils (461,000 t, 16%)

Long Steel: China exported 1.8 million t to LatinAmerica, mainly concentrated in:

  • Bars (793,000 t, 44% share of long products)

  • Rod Wire (741,000 t, 41%)

Alacero, Santiago, Chile