Danieli, Buttrio

Lindarc off-gas analyzer in operation in a continuous scrap feeding EAF

The new minimill in Ciudad de Sahagun – supplied by Danieli - has a capacity of 1.0 Mtpy for cast products, 0.8 Mtpy for rolled medium sections. The meltshop is comprised of a 120-t AC-EAF equipped with a continuous scrap feeding system; the chemical energy package installed on the EAF embodies the latest technologies using the M-ONE combined injectors. On march 2016, More and Danieli have commissioned the LIndarc off-gas analysis system to continuously analyze the electric arc furnace process gases to optimize melting operations.

This well-proven technology uses the Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS ) technique to perform real-time measurements of the furnace off-gas atmosphere, tracking CO, CO2, H2O and off-gas temperature, thereby helping to optimize the overall melting process, and reliably and accurately detect any water leakages. This guarantees precise results, quickly (less than two seconds), even with a very high dust content and off-gas temperatures. The high reliability of the system results in a maintenance-free operation, optimizing carbonaceous fuels combustion through a closed-loop system for the dynamic control of the chemical energy package, with consequent transformation costs savings. Real-time tracking of water concentration is performed by a self-learning adaptive detection system that warns the operator in case of undesirable and harmful water leaks in the furnace. This feature improves the safety level.

Furthermore, technical teams are constantly developing additional furnace control process modules to improve the dynamic control of all the melting phases, as well as operational safety, and further reduce transformation costs.

Danieli, Buttrio