Tenova S.p.A., Milano

Nucor Steel Seattle purchases Tenovas technologies to reduce EAF operating costs

Nucor Steel Seattle Inc., has placed an order for the installation and commissioning of one complete iEAF system with Tenova Goodfellow Inc., Canada. The system includes the breakthrough NextGen hybrid optical/extractive off-gas analysis hardware, iEAF process control models, proprietary off-gas velocity and temperature optical sensors as well as a Water Detection System. 

At Nucor Steel Seattle Inc., the iEAF technology is designed to significantly reduce operating costs, energy consumption and to improve endpoint detection by providing robust dynamic control of both electrical and chemical energy inputs and ‘second by second’ control based on the net energy that is actually received by the charge. iEAF technology uses full spectrum off-gas analysis (including CO, CO2, O2, H2, as well as H2O vapor and N2) provided by the NextGen analysis system together with off-gas velocity and temperature and inputs received from the plant’s PLC network to close a fundamental mass and energy balance for the EAF in real-time. The newly developed NextGen off-gas analysis system provides full spectrum off-gas analysis with faster analytical response time, lower maintenance requirements, as well as less hardware and installation costs and comprehensive water leak detection technology based on both H2O vapor and H2 analysis.

Under the terms of this order, Nucor Steel Seattle Inc., will become the reference site within Nucor Steel for Tenova’s NextGen and iEAF technologies.

Tenova S.p.A., Milano