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Order from SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel for a modernization project in Changwon

SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel Corp. contracted Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG, Morgårdshammar AB and AIC for a modernization project at its steel plant in Changwon, continuing decades of successful partnership with the Korean special steel producer. The SeAH group acquired SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel Corp. (formerly known as Posco Specialty Steel and Sammy Steel) in March 2015. The company is Korea’s only domestic producer of stainless steel rods and wires made from high-quality special steel materials. With an annual steelmaking capacity reaching 1.2 million t and 1.0 million t of steel products, SeAH CSS is among the top ten producers of special steels.

Two existing Kocks blocks – a Precision Sizing Block (PSB) and a 370/10 3-roll intermediate Block will be replaced by two 2-high HV stands, three Loopers, a Crop & Cobble Shear and a 370++ RSB SCS of the latest design with 6 stand positions.

The RSB SCS is the latest milestone in reducing and sizing technology for SBQ products and offers SeAH CSS enhanced bar and wire quality, improved productivity, mill availability and economy as well as a simplified, safe and environmentally friendly operation.

At the core of the future-oriented RSB SCS is the real-time closed-loop control system SCS (Size Control System) acting in combination with 3-roll stands adjustable under load (AUL) and / or under-load tension control. The SCS operation is supported by a new and innovative bar gauge called “4D Eagle” developed in cooperation W&R Automation based on the light section principle and featuring the highest measuring frequency available in the industry.

These features remarkably further improve the rolled tolerances and their reproducibility and, at the same time, simplify the operation by means of an automated optimization of the process parameters for the rolled bars and wire rods either by roll gap adjustment or control of the tension between the stands under load.

The RSB SCS is designed for the production of steel bar and rod in coils with a finished size range from 16.0 to 100.0 mm Ø and any pre-sections for the wire mill with a size range from 5.5 to 16.0 mm diameter at a maximum rolling speed of 15 m / s.

The two 2-high horizontal and vertical stands are from Morgårdshammar P600 series which performance in rigidity, stability, size tolerance, bearings and other parts wear resistance are unparalleled. The stands are capable of adjusting the gap during rolling while the bar is in between rolls (including Nickel alloys). This feature allows for implementation of full true closed loop control within the stands.

The stands are fully compatible with the latest electronic guides and its position setting equipment - Smart Eye and as well fully, compatible with Morgårdshammar new intelligent guides RollX. Among its capabilities are: remote adjustment, automatic self-adjustment and self-setting both in the mill and in the workshop, load and speed feedback. All these features allow for achievement of precise inline adjustment during rolling or when a product size is changed without production stoppages. Also due to the precise control of the impact force on the rolls, its life span increases up to 170% comparing with a normal guides rollers life span.

AIC will design and manufacture the electrical & automation equipment for both new Kocks RSB SCS and new Morgårdshammar Stands and Shear, providing state of the art power control panels as well as new PLCs cabinet and AC motors.

The electrical scope of supply will include two power control switchboards based on Siemens Sinamics S120 motor modules with fully regenerative DC Bus supplier (Active Front End), suited to drive new Siemens AC Motors sized according to the mechanical equipment designed by the partners of consortium.

AIC will be also in charge to manufacture one Auxiliary AC Drives panel as well as a new PLC cabinet and control desks; the complete engineering for the whole electrical portion and PLC software development based on Siemens S7 platform will complete the supply of the Italian company.

The delivery is scheduled for November, 2016.

Friedrich Kocks GmbH & Co KG, Hilden