Outokumpu Oyj, Espoo

Outokumpu provides stainless steel for famous La Sagrada Família basilica

Outokumpu has supplied stainless steel for La Sagrada Família basilica since 2013 in stainless steel rebar, bar, machined components and plasma-cut plate products. La Sagrada Família is a Unesco World Heritage Site, designed in 1866 by famed architect Antoni Gaudí, commissioned in 1882 and planned to be completed in 2026. The building has exceptional lifecycle expectations and unique design. When completed, the 18 towers of La Sagrada Família will reach heights from 94 to 182 m above ground level. Stainless steel rebar was selected first in the tower structures due to its high strength, exceptional corrosion resistance and reduced lifecycle costs. Outokumpu is the single-supplier for the project, delivering products in Outokumpu Forta DX 2304 and Forta DX 2205 grades in easy to assemble sizes and shapes.

The basilica is a leading tourist attraction, with more than 3.2 million visitors annually. Tight logistics and strict safety controls demand a precise approach. Outokumpu meets those needs with punctual deliveries and bundled packaging.

Mr. Carles Farràs, representative for the Basilica of La Sagrada Família comments cooperation with Outokumpu: “We selected Outokumpu for its valuable technical assistance and also for the high quality of its products. We expect the construction process of the Basilica to continue until 2026 and believe that stainless steel is an ideal material that can meet our requirements. Outokumpu has been a great help in advising on cost-efficient and long lasting solutions for our demanding structures.”

Outokumpu Long Products, Key Account Manager William Münzer says: “We’ve worked closely with our customer in material selection and the mechanical properties needed for this design. We’ve also provided extensive project-specific assistance. The customer appreciates the fact that we work together to solve problems in structural topics. Maintenance is an obvious concern, as is threat of corrosion from carbon dioxide emissions.”

Outokumpu Long Products, President Kari Tuutti says: “We are very proud to work together with La Sagrada Família. We are fully committed in working closely with our customer to ensure that we meet the quality, time and technical requirements in the project.”

Outokumpu Oyj, Espoo