Pesmel Oy, Kauhajoki

Pesmel supplies packing lines to Baosteel Group

Pesmel has signed a contract of two coil packing lines and logistic system to Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel Industry. Automated lines will be delivered to Baosteel’s mill situated in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province in China. The start-up of the lines will be in summer 2017. Baosteel is building a new cold rolling mill to Zhanjiang City. The mill will produce 1.65 million t of medium and high-end sheets, including high-grade products like auto sheet and home appliance sheet.

“Baosteel is widely known as high grade steel producer emphasizing efficiency, energy savings and environmental friendliness in their production.” points Pesmel’s China Area Manager Ms. Liu. Following these values Pesmel and Baosteel have been researching coil packing materials and technologies together since 2008, aiming to develop future packing concept. “Our research has included tests in laboratory and also in practice, for example, packed coils have been shipped from Finland to China, where they were opened in good condition” tells Ms. Liu.

“When Baosteel approached us with this development idea, we found it very suitable to our philosophy.” says Pesmel’s Vice President Mr. Suksi. “From the beginning the plan has been to create a concept that can be expanded to other mills” he continues.

While Pesmel has been focusing on technology, Baosteel developed the packing materials and operations. In packing technology Pesmel concentrated on two things, moisture protection and packing cost savings without compromising in packing quality.

“For moisture protection we use TEW (through-eye wrapping) technology. In this method crepe paper and PE film are wrapped to the coil simultaneously. The crepe paper absorbs the moisture inside the coil, as stretched PE film forms an airtight package that protects the coil from outside moisture.” explains Mr. Sami Koivuluoma, Product Manager in Pesmel. TEW technology has proven to be the most effective moisture protection available in the market. Packing materials are all 100% recyclable and there is no need for any chemicals.

Pesmel Oy, Kauhajoki