Shapeline AB, Linköping

Posco has installed two Shapeline systems in production, Pohang

Shapeline has installed and commissioned two steel plate flatness measurement systems to Posco’s high-performance plate line #3. The gauges are used for quality assurance to verify that all plates leaving the factory fulfil Posco’s internal demands as well as industry standards. The measurement data is also used for feedback upstream to improve the production.

The two systems were installed in January 2015 and used in production shortly thereafter. They were the first two systems based on Shapelines new platform, ShapeCAT, a high performance optical solution which has since then set a new standard for flatness measurement with higher accuracy and point resolution over the entire plate. Almost 12 000 measurement points cover the width of the plates, allowing for flatness measurement close to plate edges and corners.

In cooperation with PoscO, Shapeline has developed new principles for flatness defect detection, classification and evaluation. “Posco is a demanding customer focused on quality. This also develops Shapeline and in this project we have pushed our product one step further. ShapeCAT has proven to deliver and we can see deviations we have not been able to detect before” says Magnus Titus, President, Shapeline.

“With the new flatness measurement systems, we have a reliable and precise tool to verify plate flatness. The performance is high enough to fulfil both current and future flatness standards and demands. It has already given us advantages such as improved productivity and quality says Mr. Dong-Ha Kim, responsible for investment and maintenance: “The system is able to see smaller flatness deviations than we believed were possible”.

Shapeline AB, Linköping