Cortec Corp., St. Paul, Minnesota

Solution for Water Treatment Industries

CorShield S-69 are non-toxic, economical and readily water-soluble powders and liquids designed utilizing Cortec's revolutionary VpCI technology. These corrosion preventatives are environmentally safe and cost efficient alternative to traditional corrosion inhibitor formulations. They efficiently prevent corrosion and pitting while being free of nitrites, phosphates, amines or heavy metals. Building blocks are effective in low concentrations thus make an economical solution and give products added market value. Utilizing CorShield S-69 customers are able to eliminate expensive corrosion resistant materials.

CorShield S-69 Powders and Liquids are developed as corrosion prevention additives for the water treatment industry. These building blocks provide multimetal protection, including galvanized steel and yellow metals. The VpCIs form a strong monomolecular layer on the metal surface that protects in all three phases: liquid, vapor, and the vapor-liquid interface. As stated by Boris Miksic, Cortec’s CEO: "CorShield S-69 is the most effective corrosion inhibiting building block commercially available with excellent environmental footprint".

CorShield S-69 Powders and Liquids provide water treatment companies with the ability to incorporate Cortec VpCI technology into their specific formulations. The concentration of S-69 inhibitor in an application can be easily monitored with a molybdenum tracing kit, or with UV spectroscopy. A molybedenum-free version (S-69 PMF), and lower-pH version (S-69B,) of S-69P are also available.

CorShield S-69 Powders and Liquids provide long-lasting multimetal protection to carbon steels, zinc, aluminum, stainless and galvanized steel, copper and other metals. They are effective for open and closed loop cooling systems.

Building blocks can be used as a corrosion inhibitor additives in the majority of water treatment programs and are compatible with the majority of commercially available biocides and antiscalants.

CorShield S-69 Powders and Liquids conform to NACE Standard RP0487-2000, ASTM G 5, ASTM G 31, EPA/600/4-90/027F. It is confirmed that this product is not an irritant by ViroMed BioSafety Laboratories.

Cortec Corp., St. Paul, Minnesota