worldsteel, Brussels

Statement on UN Sustainable Development Goals

The steel industry welcomes the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reaffirms its commitment to shaping a better future for our planet. As the new agenda commits every country to take action to pursue a sustainable future, worldsteel members and associations also commit to taking action towards building a sustainable future for our industry and for the wider world.

Steel is indispensable in a sustainable society. It is 100% recyclable and the most recycled material in the world. Steel is an integral part of the circular economy, which promotes zero waste, reduced use of new materials and encourages the reuse and recycling of materials, all fundamental advantages of using steel.

As one of the global business associations consulted by the United Nations Global Compact initiative, worldsteel is actively involved in showcasing the proactive efforts being made by global businesses in support of sustainable development.

worldsteel members are committed to creating sustainable solutions in all aspects of steel, including manufacturing, product innovation and eco-efficiency, as well as the ongoing engagement with stakeholders and employees. Steel products help to meet society’s needs now and in the future, and as producers of steel it is the industry’s responsibility to meet these needs in the most sustainable way. As an industry with a truly global reach, worldsteel members understand the challenges facing the world in the future, and are committed to taking action, individually and together, to address them.

The steel industry is a major contributor to a sustainable global economy. worldsteel will shortly be launching its Sustainable Steel Policy and Indicators 2015 Report, which outlines the role the steel industry plays in building a sustainable planet, focusing on economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Commenting on the launch of the new UN SDGs, Edwin Basson, Director General, worldsteel has said; “The steel industry’s commitments are strongly aligned with the new SDGs and we are proud to have been part of the consultation process. Each of our members plays a role in shaping a sustainable future for our industry, for our customers, and for the future or our world. The formal adoption by member states of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) marks a significant step and we look forward to working closely together, and with our business partners, to help to achieve the international development targets.”

worldsteel, Brussels