Tata Steel, London

Tata Steel's new electrical steels improve power industry efficiency

Tata Steel subsidiary Cogent Power has unveiled a range of sophisticated new electrical steel products which reduce electricity losses by 20 to 30% compared with conventional grain-oriented grades. The new products are being made at Cogent Power's Orb works in Newport, South Wales. Orb produces cold rolled grain-oriented electrical steel for the manufacture of modern electricity transformers that are used to build and renew the world's major power networks.

As global demand for electricity continues to grow, so does the requirement from the power industry for products that enable electricity to be generated and transmitted more reliably and efficiently. Stuart Wilkie, Managing Director of Cogent Power, said: "These new high-grade products will make a significant contribution to the preservation of natural resources by reducing the energy lost in the generation and transmission of electricity. They benefit our customers and the whole of society."

The launch of the new grades follows the integration in 2011 of Tata Steel's electrical steels production route. The Orb plant now receives hot rolled coil made in a patented process at the company's steelworks at IJmuiden in the Netherlands. The new grades - M080-23DR, M085-23DR, M090-27DR and M095-27DR - support this requirement by enabling the production of highly efficient steel cores housed within the transformers used in energy transmission networks.

In addition, Cogent Power has invested in a new one-metre wide transformer core cutting line at its Canadian manufacturing facility in Burlington, Ontario to meet the needs of large power transformer manufacturers in North America.

Cogent Power Inc slits and cuts-to-length grain-oriented electrical steel coils made at Orb. Its new cutting line enables it to increase the sizes of the core laminations it can supply to the market and meet customers' increasing demand for large transformer cores.

Tata Steel, London