Efficiency booster retrofit: Reducing energy costs through modernization

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© Significant efficiency gains can be achieved with well-planned retrofits (Source: chokniti/Adobe Stock).

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© On April 15, the last three nuclear power plants went off the grid, including the Neckarwestheim nuclear power plant (GKN) pictured here (Source: EnBW).

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© In order for energy-intensive industry to have a future in Germany, it must develop intelligent and viable concepts for the future (Source: Siempelkamp Gießerei GmbH)

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© Thanks to its regenerator burner, the ecoMelter© hearth and tank melting furnace from Jasper GmbH consumes less energy than comparable furnaces (Source: Jasper GmbH)

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© One of the modernized and retrofitted Aichelin roller hearth furnaces. The new stacking portal shown in the center of the picture is being used for the first time at SKF (source: Aichelin).

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© View of the new stacking portal. This enables rolling bearings to pass through in two to a maximum of three layers in a single heat treatment process (Source: Aichelin)

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© View of the exit of the Aichelin roller hearth furnace (Source: Aichelin)