Fuel from solar energy: How the SMS group and Synhelion want to revolutionize the metals industry

© Synhelion-Anlage in Jülich

© Synhelion facility in Jülich (Source: Synhelion)

© Synhelion

© The mirror field focuses the solar radiation onto the DLR solar tower (right), where Synhelion's solar receiver shines brightly (Source: Synhelion)

© SMS Group

© Rendering of the new SMS group headquarters in Mönchengladbach, Germany. It is scheduled for completion before the end of this year (Source: SMS group)

© Synhelion

© DLR solar park in Jülich, Germany, where Synhelion has been producing solar synthesis gas on an industrial scale since August (Source: Synhelion)

© Synhelion

© Close-up of the patented solar receiver that supplies the process heat for the production of solar fuels (source: Synhelion)

© pixabay

© The technology can play a significant role, especially for zero-emission aviation (source: Pixabay)