United Cast Bar Group Ltd.

Optimised Solution – New Opportunities

During 2017, UCB began looking to take energy resilience to a new level. It was becoming increasingly necessary to consider revolutionary ideas and strategies to overcome growing energy obstacles for our foundry in Chesterfield, UK.

Maintaining our reputation as the vanguard for energy management within metal manufacturing, United Cast Bar (UK) collaborated with GridBeyond to deliver a solution to energy challenges through technology, helping to balance energy demand and satisfy our environmental commitment without any  impact on our operations.

With GridBeyond and their partner EBS Smart Energy Services investing, installing and implementing the Project, UCB (UK) became the first metal production site in the UK to have a battery installation 'behind the meter'.

The newly installed 500kW TESLA battery storage solution enables UCB (UK) not just to participate in National Grid`s Dynamic Frequency Response (DFR) program but also to avoid ever growing Peak Charges, monitor and analyse energy consumption patterns whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

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