Excellent performance by the four metallurgy trade fairs

“The Bright World of Metals” covers more than 84,700 square metres

The “Bright World of Metals” is setting a new record: with 84,706 square metres of sold exhibition space (as per 27. February 2015), the GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST trade fairs have already reached an all-time high. This means that Halls 3 to 17 on the Düsseldorf exhibition site are fully booked. The leading international trade fairs for metallurgy and foundry technology are continuing their impressive development where the number of exhibitors is concerned too: about 2,000 companies will be presenting their products and services to the trade community again from 16. to 20. June.

Visit four trade fairs with one admission ticket
Messe Düsseldorf Director Friedrich-Georg Kehrer: “A development like this cannot be taken for granted nowadays, because company take-overs and mergers would in actual fact justify stagnation or even a reduction in the number of exhibitors and square metres of space. The fact that the “Bright World of Metals” has such positive news to report shows that its unique position anywhere in the world – combining different fields from foundry technology to metallurgy, thermo process technology and castings – guarantees trade fair success.” GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST offer trade visitors and exhibitors from all over the world outstanding synergy benefits as a result. There is one single admission ticket that provides entry to all four trade fairs, costs € 45.00 (day ticket) and € 98.00 (five-day ticket), can be bought in the online ticket shop
www.tbwom.de/www.tbwom.com and can be printed out at home.

GIFA: “oldie but goldie“
The figure of 46,367 square metres reached this year by GIFA – the International Foundry Trade Fair and Technical Forum – that is the “oldie” of the four trade fairs at almost sixty years of age, means that the record set in 1999 (46,255) has been matched. GIFA 2015 is one of the most successful events in the history of the trade fair where the number of exhibitors is concerned too (801 participants). Kehrer: “The English phrase “oldie but goldie” definitely applies to GIFA, which has maintained an excellent level for many years and will be presenting the global players of the industry again this year.” They include Bühler, Frech, Italpress as well as Hüttenes-Albertus, Foresco ABB Automation, Künkel-Wagner, Heinrich-Wagner/Sinto, ASK Chemicals, the Austrian company Fill, the Spanish company Loramendi or the Danish company DISA. Project Manager Raphaela Müller adds: “In the meantime, 61 per cent of the GIFA exhibitors come from outside Germany. This is a clear indication of the global significance of the trade fair.” As was already the case at the previous events, Italians represent the largest contingent this time, with 113 exhibitors, followed by the Chinese with 79 participants and Great Britain with 42 companies. Egypt, Bulgaria and Singapore will be represented at GIFA for the first time. With exhibitors from 46 different countries, GIFA will be a reflection of the world market for foundry technology in Halls 10 to 13 and 15 to 17. A programme of high-quality extra events with the Technical Forum and the GIFA Conference, which will be providing trade visitors with important information about innovations and the technical trends of the future – particularly energy efficiency and minimisation of resource input – directly on-site in the exhibition halls, are an optimum addition to the trade fair itself.

METEC on the road to success
METEC – the International Metallurgical Trade Fair – is on the road to success too. With 486 exhibitors from 35 different countries and 21,456 square metres of exhibition space in Halls 3 to 7, it is producing its best result to date. METEC is also performing outstandingly well as far as international exhibitors are concerned: 64 per cent of the companies come from European countries outside Germany or from overseas. China leads with 75 participants, followed by Italy with 50 and the USA and India, both of which are represented by 18 exhibitors. Project Manager Markus Liedtke is proud to report: “The list of METEC exhibitors reads like the Who’s Who of the industry. The major industry players are on board, with SMS/Siemag, Siemens/Mitsubishi or Danieli, which are exhibiting at METEC again for the first time for a long time.”

METEC has an impressive programme of additional events to offer too. With the ESTAD (European Metallurgical Steel Technology and Application Days), the EMC (European Metallurgical Conference) and the lead and zinc symposium Pb Zn, METEC represents an excellent opportunity to exchange experience at international level. Liedtke: “Nowhere else in the world can experts inform themselves so extensively about the latest developments in the metallurgy field in such a short time and at such an accessible location.”

Major industry players at THERMPROCESS
THERMPROCESS – the International Trade Fair and Symposium for Thermo Process Technology – is also proving to be a success in 2015: the industry leaders like Inductotherm, LOI Thermprocess, ABP Induction, SMS Group and Otto Junker have booked considerably more square metres to present their products and services this year. In total, the roughly 300 exhibitors in Halls 9 and 10 have reserved more than 10,300 square metres of exhibition space. Project Manager Gerrit Nawracala confirms the encouraging progress made by the trade fair: “With almost 50 per cent of exhibitors coming from outside Germany, THERMPROCESS is also one of the world’s leading trade fairs and is a must for companies from 30 different countries”. It is a tradition for Italian exhibitors to provide the largest contingent at THERMPROCESS and they lead the list of foreign countries with 23 companies, followed by China (19) and the USA (15 participants). It goes without saying that heat is the main issue in the programme of additional events that are being held alongside THERMPROCESS: the THERMPROCESS Symposium provides information about technical innovations relating to heat treatment and modern energy engineering plant concepts, while the FOGI Special Show will be focussing on the heating, smelting and casting of metals, heating technology as well as the heat and surface treatment of metal, ceramics and glass.

NEWCAST: excellent booking figures
“The NEWCAST is grown up to a trade fair on a very high international level”, NEWCAST Project Manager Janike Rotthoff is enthusiastic to point out. The youngest of the four metal trade fairs was launched in 2003 and is becoming increasingly popular. Rotthoff: “The production of castings has developed into a very international business over the last decade and this is reflected at NEWCAST.” In 2015, about 370 exhibitors from 31 different countries will be presenting their products and services on just under 6,600 square metres of space in Halls 13 and 14. The booking situation corresponds almost precisely to the world market: 148 Chinese suppliers of castings are exhibiting at NEWCAST and are demonstrating by doing this that they are in the meantime one of the biggest players on the world market. The second-largest international contingent comes from Turkey (42 companies), while Japan is in third place on the list of foreign exhibitors with 30 participants.

The outstanding features of NEWCAST also include the participation of such international market leaders as Georg Fischer Automotive, Class Guss, KSM Castings, Gießerei Heinisch or Finoba Automotive as well as an attractive programme of additional events. The NEWCAST Forum provides an opportunity for direct exchanges of expertise with well-known industry experts. The popular NEWCAST Award – the “Casting Oscar” – honours the most innovative and creative castings of the year and presents them to the trade community in festive surroundings.

ecoMetals campaign sets standards
Energy efficiency and the minimisation of resource input are definitely the central issues in the metallurgical and foundry technology industries. In order to be able to produce successfully in these energy-intensive industries – particularly in countries with high energy costs – it is essential to save energy in the production process, to make efficient use of materials and resources in processing, to opt for renewable energy sources and to carry out optimised energy controlling. The ecoMetals campaign, which Messe Düsseldorf launched four years ago, focusses on these areas to an especially large extent. In co-operation with the VDMA foundry machinery and thermo process technology trade associations and their Blue Competence line, companies can participate here that have made a particular name for themselves in the energy-saving and resource input minimisation fields. At the “Bright World of Metals” in 2015, Messe Düsseldorf is offering visitors guided highlight tours to the ecoMetals participants in German and English. It is possible to register for these tours and obtain all the other latest information on “The Bright World of Metals” trade fair websites – abbreviated as follows: www.tbwom.de (German) and www.tbwom.com (English).

The Bright World of Metals:
The four international technology trade fairs GIFA (International Foundry Trade Fair), METEC (International Metallurgical Trade Fair), THERMPROCESS (International Trade Fair for Thermo Process Technology) and NEWCAST (International Trade Fair for Precision Castings) are being held in Düsseldorf from 16. to 20. June 2015. Visitors from all over the world will be coming to the city on the River Rhine for five days at this time to focus on castings, foundry technology, metallurgy and thermo process technology. A programme of high-quality additional events will again be taking place alongside the trade fairs, involving seminars, international congresses and lecture series. All four trade fairs and the programmes co-ordinated with them will be concentrating on the issue of energy and resource efficiency. A total of 79,000 experts from 83 different countries visited the stands of the 1,958 exhibitors at the previous events in 2011. Further information is available in the Internet at www.gifa.de, www.metec.de, www.thermprocess.de und www.newcast.de.

Messe Düsseldorf organises not only GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST with the joint motto “The Bright World of Metals” but also other high-quality trade fairs for the metallurgical and foundry industries all over the world. They include FOND-EX (International Foundry Fair) and Stainless in the Czech Republic, Metallurgy India, Metallurgy-Litmash (International Trade Fair for Metallurgy Machinery, Plant Technology & Products) and Aluminium Non-Ferrous in Russia, indometal in Indonesia, metals middle east in Dubai, ITPS (International Thermprocess Summit) Americas and Asia and the aluminium trade fairs in China, India, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil. The range of events held for the metal industries at the Düsseldorf location is rounded off by: Valve World Expo (International Trade Fair and Congress for Industrial Valves and Fittings) and ITPS Düsseldorf as well as the international trade fair ALUMINIUM organised by Reed Exhibitions and Composites Europe.