Student competition “Steel flies” on 1. July 2011

Steel is a material that has many different properties and application areas; some 80 students in 20 teams from well-known universities are demonstrating that steel can fly too – in the context of the “Steel flies” competition that is being held this year during the four technology trade fairs GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST on the Düsseldorf exhibition site.


For more than ten years now, students from Aachen, Bremen, Dortmund, Darmstadt, Kassel, Munich, Plzeň (CZ) and Saarland Universities have been competing against each other in the development of creative lightweight concepts. The assignment is to develop very light indoor planes made of steel, with a maximum weight of 400 grams. Three factors are taken into consideration when choosing the winners: the maximum flying time, how innovative the design is and the documentation of the entire development process. Following a three-month development period, the models are required to demonstrate their flying skills in the finals of the competition, after they have passed the technical test (involving an examination of their weight, size and material). This competition is taking place on 1. July in Hall 6 during the GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST metal trade fairs. The events suit each other perfectly, because innovative steel designs are one of the issues covered by the “Bright World of Metals” too, for which the international trade and research community from the foundry technology, castings, metallurgy and thermo process technology industries is gathering for its “summit meeting” from 28. June to 2. July.

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