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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.06  Operating materials and supplies for the melting shop
  • 02.06.01  Foundry coke

Foundry coke

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.06  Operating materials and supplies for the melting shop
  • 02.06.05  Recarburizers


  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.06  Operating materials and supplies for the melting shop
  • 02.06.06  Gas, industrial

Gas, industrial

  • 04  Metallic charge materials
  • 04.01  Charge materials for iron, steel and malleable iron casting
  • 04.01.03  Ferro-alloys


  • 04  Metallic charge materials
  • 04.02  Charge materials for non-ferrous metal castings
  • 04.02.03  Copper, copper alloys

Copper, copper alloys

  • 04  Metallic charge materials
  • 04.02  Charge materials for non-ferrous metal castings
  • 04.02.05  Tin, zinc, alloys

Tin, zinc, alloys

  • 06  Moulding sands
  • 06.01  Sands
  • 06.01.02  Chromite sand and flour

Chromite sand and flour

Our products

Product category: Recarburizers


Coferal (a business of ThyssenKrupp MetPro) is one of the leading suppliers of Recarburizer products. Since it's foundation in 1985 in Munich, Coferal's activities have been centered around the procurement, processing, marketing and distribution of Recarburizer to the Steel and Foundry industry.

Our array of products covers the complete supply with Carburizers. Synthetic Graphites, calcined Needle Cokes, calcined Petroleumcokes, calcined Pitchcokes, as well as calcined Coal are the bases for our long-term orientated supply of our world wide satisfied customers. As a result of our experience we are able to produce a product that meets the specific requirements of our customers.

Moreover, Coferal operates in other sectors such as refractory and chemical industry, as well as the TiO2 production. Today we are considered one of the leading suppliers for carbonaceous products in Central Europe with an annual output of 60.000-70.000 mt.

In cooperation with our partner Castro Carbon GmbH and other processing plants we carry out all necessary processing steps, such as drying, crushing, sieving, blending and packaging. Its capacity is at approx. 40.000 mt annually.

We offer a logistic service that completes our supply chain to offer you an optimized service around hot metal process to your satisfaction.

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Product category: Gas, industrial

Gas & Power

A team of market experts is ready to optimise your supply of electricity, natural gas and technical gases. We also offer consulting services to prepare your company for the increasingly challenging energy markets.

Our goal is to principally optimise your use of the available energy sources.

The technical gases (oxygen, nitrogen and argon), which are used in wide-ranging industries, are produced in co-operation with our partners. We make efficient use of our own air separation plant and for the transport and packing we have various experienced partners. In factories where it is economical to produce these products on site, we also plan, build and manage new plants.

In respect to the supply of electricity and natural gas to your company, our portfolio ranges from full-scale energy management to the direct supply of our customers. With our detailed background, we also offer to support our customers in negotiations to choose the best energy contracts and arranging the implementation of new schedules.

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Product category: Ferro-alloys

Powder metals

ThyssenKrupp MetPro offers a broad spectrum of virtually all metals and alloys in powder form. They are supplied worldwide. Apart from standard powders, powders customised to user-specifications are also available. They include crushed as well as gas and water-atomised powders in the low to high-alloy range as well as almost all technically manufacturable non-ferrous base alloys.

Particle shape, particle size, apparent density and flowability can be adjusted within broad limits. A special highlight in the product range is water-atomised powder in a particle size range from 2 to 12 µm. The particles are optimised in their geometric shape in depending on their purpose from irregular to almost fully spherical.

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Product category: Ferro-alloys


Our "Ferroalloys" segment is one of the strongest in Europe. We not only supply the steel and stainless steel operations of the ThyssenKrupp Group, but also, and primarily, customers outside our group. Strict confidentiality of the terms of every single transaction enjoys top priority in our company. Our business partners therefore value this combination of confidentiality and the favourable procurement possibilities we offer.

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Product category: Copper, copper alloys

Non Ferrous Metals

We are one of the biggest traders in Europe in the metals segment. Our core concerns in this field are to advise on prices and grades and to develop new services of a logistical or financial nature for our customers.

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About us

Company details

As one of the leading international distributors of raw materials, ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical is an important link between raw material producers and the processing industry.

Included in our product portfolio are solid fuels and carburizing agents, alloys, metals, and powder metals, minerals plus industrial gases and energy-related services.

Liaising between the raw-materials producers and the manufacturing industries we attach utmost importance to maintaining a global presence.

We have purchase and sales offices in Asia, Europe, North and South America. Backed by a closely woven network of commodity market contacts we are thus able to assure customers their just-in-time supplies.

Please contact us also for further information on our SIP-technology to enhance your melting process, which is provided by AT.PRO tec.

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