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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.03  Refractory gating system parts
  • 13  Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills
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Thermal insulation and refractory materials

Our products

Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

WEERULIN's service components


The steel industry needs competent and reliable service in the field of refractory linings.

In times of production processes becoming increasingly slim, suppliers are expected to provide a highly flexible and available service.

WEERULIN views itself completely as a full service provider. The size of our company allows us to act quickly and flexibly. This applies to development, production and, of course, also to our technical service.

WEERULIN's reaction time corresponds exactly to our customers' time window: 'just in time'.

The customer decides on the framework of service he wants us to provide.

WEERULIN offers all service components from technical consulting up to the complete takeover of the refractory department with our "full-line service":

  • customer service
  • machinery
  • full-line service
  • engineering



Technical Customer Service

WEERULIN has a strong team of experienced and specialized service engineers. Our refractory specialists not only have complete understanding of the different lining techniques of the products, they are also highly qualified contact partners when it comes to questions on mineralogical and metallurgical refractory. With each customer, we agree an individual tailored package of services. This allows optimum combination of our different offerings.

Our service program includes:

  • technical consulting
  • trial supervision
  • provision and maintenance of machinery
  • lining service
  • full-line service


Service Team

The WEERULIN service team today consists of 15 experts. This includes metallurgists, mineralogists, ceramic engineers as well as mechanics with extensive skill and experience in refractory linings.

Service Team:

  • Metallurgists
  • Mineralogists
  • Ceramic Engineers
  • Mechanics specialised on refractory linings

The Weerulin service team is always pleased to answer any question you may have concerning the use of our products. Please contact us.



Machinery and Robots

The quality of machinery for lining refractories is extremely important. For this reason, WEERULIN only works with renowned machinery producers. Our machinery comprises of gunning machines, high pressure vessel and rotor machines, hydraulic pressure plants and concrete pumps.

WEERULIN develops manipulator and robot concepts for steel plants in close cooperation with a leading manufacturer of robots. This is the company that developed the first large-size manipulators for the European steel industry. Today, our partner company is among the worldwide leading producers of robots for lining refractories.

WEERULIN's robot systems are also recognised for having an attractive price/performance ratio.



The INGUN® system is a patented WEERULIN technology for inside gunning of vacuum snorkels. The heart of this system is the 360° INGUN® gun nozzle with its specially designed sprayhead providing completely even coverage of the maintenance mix throughout whole snorkel deep into the lower vessel.

The advantages of the INGUN® system are:

  • 20% increased lifetime
  • short maintenance intervals (1-2 min)
  • low rebound (max. 5%)
  • small investment

For more information please read our special brochure on RH-degasser including INGUN® technology.




Many steel plants outsource the refractory department of entire aggregates to a single refractory producer.

The advantages are obvious:

  • clear responsibilities
  • optimized cost planning
  • charged by steel tonnage, not by refractory consumption
  • slim production process

WEERULIN offers 'full-line service' packages for every different kind of aggregate. In 2000, WEERULIN became the 'full-line service' contractor for a vacuum plant in Germany.

Taking care of this plant includes the production of vacuum snorkels, maintenance by means of gunning mixes, bricks economy for the whole aggregate, lining, break-out, project controlling and comprehensive project management. Let's discuss your wishes for a full-line service concept.




WEERULIN is a partner to the steel industry when it comes to engineering projects in the refractory field. This may include, for example, WEERULIN undertaking the intermediate repair of a blast furnace - as was the case, with Vallourec-Mannesmann Group in Brazil. Under the project management of WEERULIN an international team of 50 specialists reconstructed the entire blast furnace for Vallourec-Mannesmann Group in just two weeks. The life of the blast furnace was extended by years.

WEERULIN engineering projects

  • blast furnace repairs
  • silo units for refractory plants
  • manipulators
  • set-up of assembly parts production
  • know how transfer

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Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

5. Weerulin Products for the Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum treatment of the steel is the most important secondary metallurgical process. The number of RH/DH- and VOD-plants is steadily increasing.

The widespread use of the RH-degasser makes extraordinary demands on the refractory material. Today there are more than 250 units of this type in operation worldwide, of which 40 are in Europe.

WEERULIN offers all refractory solutions around the vacuum plant (RH/DH): from the fully lined 'ready-to-use' snorkel or gunning mixes up to full-line service. With the full-line service, WEERULIN takes control of the entire refractory lining of vacuum degasser, this is charged per ton of processed steel.

WEERULIN has longstanding project experience as full-service contractor.

Weerulin Products for the Vacuum Degasser:

  • Gunning maintenance outside /inside
  • Snorkels 'ready-to-use'
  • Dry backfill Mixes
  • castables
  • INGUN® robot

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Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

8. WEERULINs PowerDrum® / Splash pot

Power Drum®

Flow control in the tundish is key to 'clean steel'. Development focuses on the optimization of flow conditions by means of tundish furniture mainly in the form of impact pots.

In common with many refractory suppliers, development at WEERULIN has been focused on flow control and splash reduction in continuous casting. This hard work has resulted in a technical innovation: The WEERULIN PowerDrum.

The WEERULIN PowerDrum is technically unique because it combines both tasks of the tundish in a perfect manner: splash reduction to a minimum O2 take-up in the runner phase and calming the bath surface under continuous flow conditions in the stationary casting phase.

The WEERULIN PowerDrum achieves ideal splash protection with its totally unique, patented drum principle, which uses a metal membrane to prevent uncontrolled splashing of the steel blast during the runner phase.

Functions of the Power Drum®:

  • Splash protection
  • Flow control

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Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

1. WEERULIN's monolithic refractories for the blast furnace

Blast Furnace

In the blast furnace there are more monolithic refractory products in continuous operation than at any other stage in the steel production process - excluding new linings and interim repairs. Taphole mixes, runner mixes, assembly parts or preshapes (for example skimmer, tipping trough) are heavily-used refractory products in the production of pig steel.

Pig iron is usually transported to the steel mill in special containers (torpedo ladle, pig iron ladle), which can vary considerably from plant to plant. Therefore, individual, creative refractory solutions are required - from highly adhesive mortars to insulation and maintenance mixes.

WEERULIN supplies the whole range of monolithic refractory products for the blast furnace including: shaft maintenance, mux masses, light heat and erosion proof gunning mixes or tapping hole masses, offered through cooperation with world-leading technology partners.

WEERULIN's monolithic refractories for the blast furnace cover:

  • gunning mixes
  • tap hole mixes
  • castables
  • mortar
  • preshapes

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Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

2. WEERULIN's monolithic refractories for the EAF

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)

Of all materials, steel has the highest recycling rate with over 80% recycled worldwide. This is largely due to electric steel plants and their leading EAF melting technology. Refractory products in this environment must be able to withstand the severe conditions of scrap impacts, high temperature peaks from the arc, slag control and temperature changes between the circles. WEERULIN offers extremely specialized products for the different maintenance concepts, ranging from gunning mixes through spun masses to dry pouring mixes. Raw materials are selected to suit the conditions they must withstand when put to use by the customer.

Some areas in the furnace are predestined for the application of monolithic assembly parts. WEERULIN produces the cover core as a fully assembled part ready for installation.

WEERULIN's monolithic refractories for the EAF cover:

  • Gunning mixes
  • Fettling mixes
  • Hearth lining mixes
  • EBT filling sand
  • Castables
  • Preshapes

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Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

4. WEERULIN's specialized products for the steel ladle

Steel Ladle

The steel ladle is very demanding on refractory products:

As the liquid steel is dropped from an enormous height, it requires the greatest possible mechanical resistance. Metallurgical processes at temperatures of over 1,600°C require maximum refractoriness.

Therefore, each sector of the ladle - from the bottom to the ring - requires special refractory solutions. WEERULIN offers monolithic products for each critical area of the steel ladle.

Our specialized products cover the delivery program for the steel ladle:

  • magnesia gunning mixes
  • castables
  • monolithic permanent lining
  • high alumina well block repair
  • dry back-fill mixes

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Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

9. WEERULIN's Cover products / FOR MET series

Cover products

Secondary metallurgical slags play a special part in the production of highly oxyde-pure steel grades ('super-clean-steel'): By selective slag control non-metallic segregations may be separated into the slag and be modified into harmless, formable inclusions by way of refining. In addition, the slag protects the steel bath from atmospheric gases (02, N2 and H2). ITS insulating properties enable the slag to reduce heat loss from the steel bath.

WEERULIN has long-standing experience in the field of artificial slags and cover powders. through extensive research WEERULIN has optimized the interaction between granulation characteristics, material grade and temperature in the FOR MET product range, so a maximum melting speed is achieved. External research proves that our mix achieves a higher melting speed than pre-fused products. The slag way requires a refractory with thermo-dynamic alumina pick-up potential, alumina pick-up and mineralogic properties of the FOR MET product range. FOR MET have been proven in industry, by our customers.

Our FOR MET products are designed precisely for the diverse secondary metallurgical applications:

  • Steel ladle - synthetic slag
  • tundish- reactive cover powder, insulating powder

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Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

3. WEERULIN's monolithic refractories for the BOF cover


The converter is the key component in the steel production process in an integrated steel plant. The productivity of a steel plant is dependent to a large extent on the availability and lifetime of the converter. High-quality brick linings in the converter combined with state-of-the-art gunning maintenance have led to a significant increase in lifespan.

One important factor in the selection of the best possible maintenance concept is the plant's individual production philosophy. WEERULIN offers products to meet any requirement, whether that is preventive gunning maintenance to reduce brick wear or local repairs in those problematic areas towards the end of the converter circle. Downtimes for repair of the converter outlet must be reduced to an absolute minimum in order to optimise production. Well-balanced gunning maintenance is the decisive factor in this respect. In addition, WEERULIN offers specialized products for tapping maintenance, brick backfilling and for repair of the hot bottom area.

WEERULIN's monolithic refractories for the BOF cover:

  • Hot repair mixes
  • Creeping mixes
  • Backfilling mixes

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Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

7. WEERULIN dry-vibratable Mixes

Dry-vibratable Mixes

Refractory dry-vibratable mixes today are dry, resin-bound filling mixes which can be used as wear lining in metallurgical aggregates - especially in the steel tundish. These lining mixes are poured between the permanent lining and a metal template. The template is heated up, thus causing a reaction in the binder composition. The composition creates a three-dimensional net structure with the raw material - which may be magnesite, dolomite, olivine or bauxite - and forms a highly refractory, jointless monolith. After a short curing phase at approximately 200°C the template can be taken away: the pour-lined steel tundish is now immediately ('cold') ready for operation in the continuous casting process without further heating up.

The advantages of dry-vibratable mixes are clear:

  • no water required for lining
  • metallurgical purity
  • short heating-up phase
  • high tundish availability
  • high flexibility with a cold application
  • no processing machinery, no parts wearing
  • the break-off can be re-used as a recycled raw material

Together with its technology partner Sievering, Weerulin provides several decades of experience in the development and application of dry lining mixes. With more than 200.000 tons of dry-vibratable mixes produced for our customers' use this is a worldwide market leader in dry mix technology.

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Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

6. WEERULIN refractory mixes for Tundish


There are many names for the last component in the liquid phase: manifold or distributor, tundish, channel. Whatever you may call the last aggregate - it is always a great challenge from a refractory point of view. The steel grade is almost finished at this stage. The task now is to maintain it or to even give it 'a final cut'. An increasing number of metallurgists use the tundish as metallurgical instrument for tertiary metallurgy!

WEERULIN offers perfect refractory concepts for the highly sensitive area of the steel tundish. Approximately 20 million tons of steel p.a. are produced with steel tundishes lined with WEERULIN products. This makes us one of Europe's leading refractory companies in the sector.

Our delivery range begins with the monolithic permanent lining. For the wear lining, we offer all lining concepts, such as wet gunning or dry-vibratable-technology. Specialized products including metallurgical slags or runner systems complete with our fill-line program for the tundish:

  • Permanent lining
  • Wear lining
  • Cover slags
  • PowerDrum®
  • Dams and weirs

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Product category: Refractory gating system parts

6.3 Dams / Weirs

Dams / Weirs

WEERULIN also develops and manufactures conventional manifold systems. Dams, weirs, starter pipes are all part of our product range. Working with you we can develop the ideal manifold system.

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Product category: Refractory gating system parts

6.2 Power Drum®

Power Drum®

Flow control in the tunish is a key to 'clean steel'. The principal aim during the running phase is to reduce splashing to minimize the take-up of O2. During the following casting steps the aim is to keep the bath surface as quiet as possible while maintaining even flow conditions. The Power Drum developed and patented by WEERULIN combines these functions in an optimum manner. The Power Drum works on the basis of a surprisingly straight-forward principle:

  1. The metal cover is broken by the blast of steel, but prohibits the penetration of the diverted blast. A sump develops, which reduces the impact energy.

  2. The cover melts open and the steel flows quietly and evenly over the edges of the device into the tundish.

  3. The specially designed rebound edge counters extremes of energy and influences the flow conditions throughout the whole sequence period to an optimum.

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Product category: Refractory gating system parts

5.1 'Ready-to-use' Snorkel

'Ready-to-use' Snorkel

The aim of every metallurgist is to maximize the unit's availability. In the vacuum process this means continually increasing the lifetime of the heavily used snorkel. In this context, the use of preassembled snorkels is the decisive factor for success. WEERULIN produces completely lined and dry vacuum snorkels.

Steel construction, argon pipe system and magnesite-chrome bricks for the permanent lining are already integrated. With over 2,000 RH-snorkels produced WEERULIN is a market leader in Europe.

With our specialized knowledge in assembly snorkels, WEERULIN could be the key to REDUCING wear IN your vacuum plant.

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Product category: Thermal insulation and refractory materials

6.1 WEERULIN FOR ISO V - Super-insulating shotcrete

Gunning mass: WEERULIN FOR ISO V

super-insulating light silicate- / light alumina- based shotcrete

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About us

Company details

WEERULIN develops and produces refractory products for the steel industry. We offer a full range of shaped and unshaped products. WEERULIN offers refractory solutions from the completely fireproof monolithic raw material mix up to the fully assembled vacuum snorkel with integrated argon gas pipes.

Our philosophy: We supply refractory concepts, tailor-made to the individual customer's demands. We recognise that every steel mill is a unique. Each plant needs an individual solution - and THIS must be innovative and cost efficient.

  • 1950 Weerpas & Lingen founded in Essen
  • 1968 Weerpas & Lingen starts production in Mülheim / Ruhr
  • 1972 WEERULIN laboratory set-up
  • 1993 Installation of the fully automatic silo mixing unit
  • 1996 Completion of the second fully automatic mixing unit
  • 2000 Assembly parts plant established in Essen
  • 2005 DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate by Lloyd's
  • 2007 40,000 tons of refractory products p.a., 60 employees



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Sales volume

10-49 Mio US $

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max. 75%

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Area of business

Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills