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Colosio S.r.l.

Via Caduti Piazza Loggia, 33, 25082 Botticino Sera (Bs)
Telephone +39 030 2692181
Fax +39 030 2691196

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Francesco Sauda

Senior head of department
Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

Via Caduti Piazza Loggia, 33
25082 Botticino Sera (Bs), Italy



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.02  Die-casting machinery and plant
  • 10.02.01  Cold chamber die-casting machinery

Cold chamber die-casting machinery

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.02  Die-casting machinery and plant
  • 10.02.05  Warm chamber die-casting machinery

Warm chamber die-casting machinery

Our products

Product category: Cold chamber die-casting machinery

PFO - cold chamber

Colosio's production of cold chamber diecasting machines - for diecasting of aluminium, brass and magnesium alloys - ranges from 140 to 3.200 tons clamping force.

Fully digital, Colosio's machines are equipped with data storage of dies (Coltrol System). The monitoring and storage of process data allows accurate repetition of all the injection parameters, pressure, speed and stroke for any possible die, always keeping under control the injection curves thanks to the graphical display of every single shot (Fullcoltrol).

Descendant of the well known V2 System, the new Futura double circuit injection system with floating piston accumulators works at the highest speeds, also enabling the operator to choose between a 1st phase with constant speed (under pump) and a 1st phase with progressive speed (under accumulator). Furthermore, the intensification phase is carried out with a separate circuit, fed by a separate, pre-chargeable accumulator, which always guarantees the necessary power to this crucial phase.

On demand the machines can be equipped with a REAL TIME injection system of speed and pressure. As shown in the picture above, the safety gates on our machines slide on two central external slideways. This means that there are no obstructions to impede the operation of die changing, while the whole assembly stays clean, fast and efficient. The machine is equipped with a central automatic lubrication system to all the moving parts, with times and frequencies adjustable from the control panel and display of failures through LEDs. The moving platen of the machine moves on trapezoidal slideways. The particular shape of these slideways means a better distribution of the moving mass, and helps the correct movement of both platen and die, also easily removing the dirt from the slideways themselves. The cleanliness of the foundry is kept through the positioning of the machine on a fluid collection tank. Finally a smoke hood allows connection of the machine to the central extraction system.

Upon request machines up to PFO 1600 can be available in GREEN LINE version.

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About us

Company details

At Botticino Sera, just outside Brescia, Colosio Srl have manufactured diecasting machines and accessories since 1971. The significant presence of die casting manufacturers in the area of Brescia has allowed Colosio srl to rapidly become one of the leaders in this field. Well known in the diecasting world, Colosio Srl has focused its attention on the manufacturing of strong, high tech diecasting machines that are well designed and supported by a particularly fast and effective after sales service. With over 1,800 diecasting machines in more than 40 countries, today Colosio Group is one of the very few manufacturers who are able to produce
the whole diecasting cell in house, perfectly integrated with all the necessary peripherals.
Colosio is vertically integrated. The mechanical components, the assembly of the machines and the accessories are all made internally, thanks to the 100 workers and more than 9000 m² of the factory.
Modern equipment with numerical control (boring machines, milling machines, lathe, etc…) and the three-dimensional control of quality guarantee that the Customer receives products with very high quality and fast response to the continuous demands of the market.
Every Colosio spare part, even the components made 35 years ago, are available in our stock with short deliveries and competitive prices.

Our sister company Relbo, established in 1989 specializes in the manufacture of die sprayers and extractors. Robotic integration is also a core expertise (most of all Staubli). Relbo allows Colosio to supply complete work cells; automated and integrated providing an augmentation of productivity of about 25-30%. The fully integrated machines can be completely digital, with dies storage (COLTROL system). The control of the data and die storage and analysis on the PC enables the machine repeat the optimal parameters of pressure, speed and stroke for every single die (FULLCOLTROL system).

The range of Colosio products includes:
• Horizontal diecasting machines, cold chamber, from 140 ton up to 2200 ton (mod. PFO)
• Diecasting machines, hot chamber, from 50 up to 320 ton (mod. PFZ)
• Linear automatic loaders for aluminium (mod. Transal)
• Rotative automatic loaders for aluminium and brass (mod. Rotofast AL/OT)
• Vertical sprayers (RELBO mod. Velox, Rapid, Directo and PLUS)
• Extractors (RELBO mod. Arcofast 3 and 6)
• 6 axis Robot for automation of the diecasting process


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Company data

Sales volume

10-49 Mio US $

Export content

max. 75%

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Area of business

Casting machines and pouring equipment

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