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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.01  Pouring equipment
  • 10.01.01  Pouring equipment, mechanical

Pouring equipment, mechanical

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.01  Pouring equipment
  • 10.01.02  Pouring equipment, dosing

Pouring equipment, dosing

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.01  Pouring equipment
  • 10.01.03  Pouring equipment, heated (pouring furnaces)

Pouring equipment, heated (pouring furnaces)

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.03  Peripheral equipment and auxiliary materials for die casting (die casting dies see 17.03.01)
  • 10.03.07  Trimming machines for die casting

Trimming machines for die casting

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.04  Diecasting machines and accessories
  • 10.04.01  Gravity diecasting machines/plants
  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.04  Diecasting machines and accessories
  • 10.04.02  Low pressure diecasting machines/plants

Low pressure diecasting machines/plants

  • 11  Knock-out, fettling and finishing
  • 11.04  Fettling installations
  • 11.04.01  Deflashing machines

Our products

Product category: Gravity diecasting machines/plants

Kurtz Gravity Casting Machines

The Core Pull Makes The Difference

On the whole, gravity casting is the classical casting process. Practiced for thousands of years, it still has potential for improvement. KURTZ has developed a machine concept especially for jobbing foundries. Due to modular machine design this concept can be universally employed. What is needed is fl exibility with respect to the most varied castings. A conversion must be possible without great effort. And KURTZ machines easily meet these requirements. By adding core pulls and additional closing units, the basic machine is even suitable for the demands of highly complex castings.

The maximum ex- pansion stage of the basic concept is the so-called tandem machines. Two casting dies are run in phase on one ma- chine. This leads to increased productivity with the added advantage of little space requirement and few personnel.

The movable hydraulic unit offers possibilities as a mo- bile control and hydraulic power unit for controlling the casting die's closing and opening motions for up to two casting machines.

All gravity casting machines are equipped with the tried and tested control system, which is also being employed in other machine types. The machine program controls the process se- quence and motion of the core pulls. In addition, linking the machine control with an external control system for the process management of a com- plete casting cell offers operational possibilities in large-scale production. Crown Housing cover Mobile hydraulic unit with integrated control unit to operate up to 2 machines

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Product category: Gravity diecasting machines/plants

Tiltable gravity casting machines by Kurtz

Controlled low-turbulence filling for maximum part quality

Kurtz supplies tiltable gravity casting equipment not only as stand-alone machines, but also as casting cells for complete turnkey solutions. The flexible machine concept can be easily adapted to the different customer requirements:

Low-cost or high-tech versions, maximum flexibility for frequent product changes or individually customized solutions. In addition to automated casting processes the focus is on core and part handling. Additional features and peripherals are delivered subject to requirement.

Servo-hydraulics, i. e. controlled, casting machines are used for tiltable gravity casting with robots. Alternatively, electrically driven machines can be offered as well. The robot and casting machine are simple and easy to program. In order to achieve high-quality castings, the robot and casting machine must be synchronized correctly.

Complete solutions from one source adapted to your requirements - this is also valid for Kurtz gravity and tiltable gravity casting machines.

Product range tiltable gravity casting machines

• Casting machines
• Robot for dosing and pouring metal into the machine
• Automation for core and part handling
• Peripherals for robots
• Handling system/-manipulators for castings and sand cores
• Core grabber/gripping system
• Programmable casting cell control
• Cooling technology
• Holding furnaces
• Casting ladles
• Conveyor systems for castings
• Heating technology for casting ladles and dies

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Product category: Low pressure diecasting machines/plants

Kurtz low pressure casting machines

“Low Pressure – High Quality”

One shot, two crank cases! – Double productivity by multi cavities.

We are presenting a low-pressure casting machine for crankcases on our booth – the Kurtz AL18-16-FSC. It provides double productivity as it is operated with a two-cavity mould supplying two crank cases per cycle!

The low pressure casting technology is predestinated for extreme high quality aluminum and magnesium castings. It ensures considerable reduction of cycle material, energy consumption and costs, the use
of sand cores goes without saying.
Therefore Kurtz low pressure casting machines enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the casting industry. Intelligent machine concepts and superior technology results in best references in the automotive industry – and beyond.



  • Constant melt quality: closed high insulated furnace, no energy loss during transport
  • Increased service life of riser tubes: Riser tube does not cool down and therefor does not have to be heated up again, no hairline crack through temperature shocks, thus no scrap
  • Reduced consumption: material and energy reduction of cycle material through minimum sprue; hydraulics only consume energy when machine is moving
  • Controlled cooling: no waste of media during cooling, coolant can be used in circular flow
  • Fast setting: faster in production with new tools, higher productivity rate
  • Easy Handling: process sequence tunable to the customer and product; New programming not needed, every recipe can be stored.


  • Increase of quality: precise pressure control for optimal form filling; less scrap, optimized process
  • Technology-Know-how: enables multi cavities and new machine sizes
  • Customer specific design: perfect integration to customer factory respectively existing facilities
  • Minimum furnace exchange time: parallel melt preparation at holding station and furnace shuttle
  • Reduced cycle time: Multiplicity of riser tubes, avoiding of long/large sprues, high flexible cooling concept for higher quality, machine hydraulics for faster movements
  • Lowest non-productive time: Tool quick exchange systems with automatic cooling circuit connection, machine controls with recipe management for fast conversion of products, riser tube maintains temperature for mediate re-usage



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Product category: Deflashing machines

Profitable Trimming Solutions - Technologically leading for

Different models and clever options for economic and future-proof trimming

We are presenting the KPS 3000 on our booth, a trimming press in column design with a press force of 300 t and sliding tilting table function.


Even the best casting has flash. This has to be removed before the casting can be processed further. Besides conventional manual fettling, highly profitable automated trimming solutions are now available.

An important part in trimming technology is the trimming press including the mould. KURTZ presses can be used with cast parts made from high-pressure, low pressure and gravity die casting processes.

Depending on the application, KURTZ offers trimming presses in C-frame, column, and frame design. KURTZ presses can be equipped according to the customer‘s requirements with additional accessories such as rams, clamp down and removal devices, blow down functions and spraying units. Furthermore, the platen can be designed as a tilting, sliding or sliding-tilting table and is available for all press designs.

KURTZ trimming presses are characterized by their innovative technical solutions. Press stroke and clamp down device, for example, are equipped with an integrated contactless and thus
wear-free measuring system. It is infinitely adjustable via the press control system and visualization.

The press hydraulics are fitted with proportional valve technology. Therefore the ejecting pressure can be chosen freely via the press control system. Additional energy can be saved due to ideal adjustment of the pump pressure curve and a timeout feature on the very quiet variable capacity pumps.

The castings are removed via robust removing slides with an integrated blow-down function. They are tiltable and infinitely adjustable in height.

The press is controlled via Siemens S7-300 - PLC with a user-friendly visualization.



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About us

Company details

The Kurtz Group – these are capable industrial businesses, which represent various industries and operate numerous plants at home and abroad. KURTZ has been building foundry machines for nearly 30 years. KURTZ enjoys an excellent reputation as a specialist for low-pressure and gravity casting machines. The application spectrum of KURTZ machines reaches from rapid-prototyping to serial casting up to customized systems and complete solutions for serial and mass production. Trimming presses and tools, pre-machining systems and machining stations, automation and peripherals round off the product range.

KURTZ foundry machines stand out by their reliability, high availability and their cost-saving machine concepts. Both casting machines and trimming presses are available as single machine or complete solution/cell with automation. At KURTZ' the customer obtains planning, engineering, process and mould technology, melting and furnace technology, automation, peripherals as well as complete casting lines.

KURTZ operates two foundries for aluminium die casting as well as grey cast-iron and nodular cast iron and a CNC machining shop. KURTZ covers the entire process from part development and design including advice in material selection through to casting and finishing.

Product range:

  • Gravity and tiltable gravity casting machines for aluminium
  • Low-pressure casting machines for dies, sand, ceramic and plaster moulds; suitable for aluminium and magnesium
  • Trimming presses in C-frame design, column or frame version
  • Trimming tools
  • Pre-machining systems
  • Machining stations
  • Automation/peripherals
  • Automatic casting cells, engineering
  • Pressure control systems, operating data recording, moulds and dies, numerous accessories
  • Grey cast-iron (GJL)
  • Nodular gey cast iron up to ADI qualities
  • Aluminium die casting (AlSi-, AlMg-, AlCu- and self-hardening alloys)

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