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Christopher Gilmore

Executive board/managing director
Business, corporate or plant management

220 Campus Drive
44202 Aurora, OH, USA

+1 330 562-1440

+1 330 562-1510


Ralf Versmold

Geschäfts- /Unternehmensleitung

Ludgeristrasse 32
48734 Reken, Germany

+49 2864 9599 000

+49 2864 9599 999


Matt August

Department head/group leader
Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

220 Campus Drive
44202 Aurora, USA




Weiling (Wendy) Tang

Department head/group leader
Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

Shanghai, China

+86 21 3872 9088


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Impregnation plants

Our products

Product category: Impregnation plants

Equipment, Sealants & Service


Godfrey & Wing Inc. provides a range of engineered solutions including its fully robotic Continuous Flow Impregnation technology (CFi), the modular HVLV and the compact EcoSeal systems. All systems are designed with a focus on providing a pressure tight seal while conserving resources. GW’s compact, modular impregnation technology enables OEMs and sub-tier suppliers to quickly and easily incorporate insourced impregnation into their normal work flow.

Where the fully automated Continuous Flow Impregnation system addresses the needs of the automotive engine and transmission manufacturing facilities, the HVLV takes the CFi technology and projects it to installations with lower volumes and the need for complete flexibility.

The HVLV and CFi vacuum impregnation systems are CE marked.

The Ecoseal, GW’s newest impregnation system, has an even smaller footprint than the HVLV but includes many of the same features, such as a lower cost to operate and wet vacuum or dry vacuum options. The Ecoseal is ideal for commercial OEMs requiring smaller volumes and smaller components.


One type of sealant does not fit all applications as all parts are not alike. Whether it is micro porosity in cast metals or macro porosity in sintered metals, Godfrey & Wing has the sealant with the correct viscosity, adhesion and chemical resistance properties for your specific application.


GW Service Centers process millions of components annually for customers who prefer to outsource their impregnation requirements, affording them a qualified and competitive solution to meet their vacuum impregnation requirements.

For more information about Godfrey & Wing, please visit our website at www.godfreywing.com or call +1.330.562.1440.

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About us

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For more than 65 years, Godfrey & Wing’s technological breakthroughs, such as the Continuous Flow Impregnation (CFi), HVLV and Ecoseal systems, have made GW the global leader in vacuum impregnation science and technology. The compact, easy to operate units enable in-house impregnation to be both practical and profitable, providing your company with a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Godfrey & Wing, with innovation at the forefront, is equipped to handle the toughest manufacturing task for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications worldwide.

Rounding out Godfrey & Wing’s capabilities is a network of Company-owned and Independent Authorized Process Centers that have processed millions of components for customers worldwide.

Godfrey & Wing continues to differentiate itself by offering sealants, equipment or services. Innovations are made possible not only through formulating, manufacturing and testing our products, but through using them on a daily basis – so we know what you face daily in maintaining your equipment, sealant, process and profitability.

At GIFA, Godfrey & Wing will showcase the HVLV vacuum impregnation system that utilizes the dry vacuum and pressure impregnation process. This technology helps companies save time, money and energy; ensures quality; increases productivityand givescompanies the security of knowing that their pressure retention requirements will be met throughout the life of the component.

Godfrey & Wing’s European Headquarters is located in the German city of Reken located right in the center of Europe. From Reken, GW supplies and supports its growing European customer base directly and through a network of trained distributors.

We recently expanded our facilities in Germany with the addition of a Tech Center in Untergruppenbach. The Tech Center houses a Godfrey & Wing HVLV Vacuum Impregnation System to be used for customer demonstrations, trials and approvals. At the Technology Center, customers can benefit from the best possible impregnation solution and achieve the highest possible work-piece recovery rates for their individual needs.

For more information about Godfrey & Wing, please visit our website at www.godfreywing.com or call +1.330.562.1440.

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