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Seeweg 20
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UNILUX, Inc was formed from the innovation and imagination of two professionals—a photographer and an engineer—who wanted to create a flash system that could operate at the speed of motion picture cameras. In 1962, the two worked together to create such a strobe light system. The Unilux System 500 was developed and introduced into the photography industry. As a result of its sophisticated design, photographers chose to rent the system rather than buy.
Unilux management realized that rental systems alone would not produce a strong operating base and quickly sought out other commercial applications. Unilux first targeted the metals industry for surface inspection lighting. The System 700 was developed to help machine operators inspect metal strip for defects while it was moving at high speeds for visual inspection. The System 700 captured the attention of the Japanese steel producers and later the U.S. and European markets. Eventually, Unilux expanded into the paper, printing, converting, textiles, plastics and other industries, which would require specially designed lights for their unique applications. Unilux products have gone through several revisions and product additions to become the total inspection product line recognized worldwide today for their leadership and innovative design technologies.
Film & Video Production

In 1979, the interest in stroboscopic lighting for the photography industry grew. Its greatest contribution was for special effects and the reduction of motion blur in television commercials for food. As a result of the high cost for air time, advertisers needed to create crisper images in less time. Their solution came from Unilux lighting.

The following are examples of some commercials that were significant in Unilux's involvement in the film industry:

  • Milk -- drop showing the crown pattern
  • Sunkist -- juice squirting from the orange sections
  • Kellogg -- cereal flake falling into bowl
  • Red Lobster -- lemon squirting from the sections
  • Master Lock -- the bullet passing through the lock

As time passed, Unilux was becoming involved in commercial film market all over the world. This encouraged the company to set-up a leasing program with international companies that would rent the equipment in their respective area. In 1994, Unilux was recognized with a technical achievement award from the Academy of Arts and Sciences for its work with the H3000: the latest lighting system used for film work today.

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