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Rue de Douvrain 17
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  • 02  Plant and equipment for iron making
  • 02.01  Blast furnace plants
  • 03  Plant and equipment for steel making
  • 03.01  Basic-oxygen steel making plant

Basic-oxygen steel making plant

  • 03  Plant and equipment for steel making
  • 03.02  Electric steel production

Electric steel production

  • 03  Plant and equipment for steel making
  • 03.03  Secondary metallurgy

Secondary metallurgy

  • 05  Plant and equipment for casting and pouring of molten steel
  • 05.01  Ingot casting

Ingot casting

  • 05  Plant and equipment for casting and pouring of molten steel
  • 05.02  Continuous casting

Continuous casting

  • 05  Plant and equipment for casting and pouring of molten steel
  • 05.03  Near-net-shape-casting


  • 10  Electrical engineering and process control technology
  • 10.02  Process control technology and automation

Process control technology and automation

Our products

Product category: Blast furnace plants

Robotic Casting Technology - Ladle Platform

Vesuvius recently introduced our latest generation of tube changers, the SEM3085, and a fully automated robotic system to manage the refractory tube insertion and removal during the casting process. Over 3000 robotic tube changes have been completed and the success of this project has led to three new projects for the ladle platform. Each project incorporating robotic solutions to facilitate the functions of oxygen lancing, tundish flux feeding, steel sampling, hydrogen sensing, dip temperature sensing as well as the management of the new continuous temperature device ACCUOPTIX. One of the projects will also include the function of ladle shroud handling for the new generation ladle tube changer slide gate, the LTC23, which allows for safe and reliable submerged ladle shroud opening capability, improved sealing and limiting unshrouded casting time to less than 15 seconds in non-free opening situations.

Vesuvius’ tundish powder feeding solution incorporates a unique packaging system to achieve a practical and reproducible handing process necessary for the successful application of robotics. Vesuvius is uniquely positioned, being the developer and supplier of all the component parts, to combine our refractory, tundish powder and flow control systems experience to make our vision of a fully robotic ladle platform and caster a reality.

Each of these robotic solutions have been developed by Vesuvius to achieve consistent operational practices, improve final steel quality and enhance plant safety by removing the need for steel plant operational personnel to perform these tasks.

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About us

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Vesuvius is a community of experts developing technology driven solutions for its customers world-wide. As a partner of the steel industry, Vesuvius develops and produces highly specialized refractory components and system solutions for the controlled casting of steel.

Vesuvius will be presenting our “Solutions through Technology” approach to the containment, process monitoring and flow control of Iron and Steel. The technology package comprises a wide spectrum of refractory lining technologies; flow control refractory and systems components such as: sliding gates; tube changers; robotics; sensors and control equipment.

For Iron making we will show the engineering and modelling of BF runner systems, designed to optimise iron flow and maximise refractory performance.

In the ladle this will include high performance Magnesia-Carbon linings, coupled with enhanced yield improvement using ELBY™ flow-modifying systems; augmented by high speed laser monitoring.

The caster technology will be show-cased utilising physical and computer simulated tundish flow modifiers, tundish to mould flow control systems and submerged entry shroud designs, including our latest generation of tundish tube changers, designed for efficient clean steel production.

We will be highlighting our expanded product and technology portfolio, which now includes the tundish and mould powder technologies of

Metallurgica, the flow control systems of SERT and the data acquisition products of Avemis, ECIL and Process Metrix and illustrating the new Solutions derived from the integration of these technologies into the Vesuvius portfolio.

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