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Control equipment, automation technology

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Temperature measuring instruments

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Pressure measurement

  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
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Moisture content measuring

  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.06  Measuring instruments and components
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  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.06  Measuring instruments and components
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Temperature control device

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Electrical equipment

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Engineering and technical consulting

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Process control technology

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  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.07  Controlling and automatisation
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Process control equipment

  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.07  Controlling and automatisation
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Process simulation and software

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Process optimization

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  • 03.07  Controlling and automatisation
  • 03.07.09  Other control equipment

Our products

Product category: Temperature measurement

Screw-in RTD Temperature Probe with Form B Terminal Head


  • For temperatures from -50 to +600 °C
  • With interchangeable measuring insert
  • As single or double RTD temperature probe
  • Terminal head form B, BUZ, BUZH, BBK
  • Available with transmitter


  • Application areas for this version include air conditioning and refrigeration technology as well as heating/furnace construction and apparatus engineering

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Product category: Engineering and technical consulting

The New JUMO Engineering

From the idea to the complete solution – all from a single source

As a specialist in industrial measurement, control, and automation technology, JUMO has several decades of project experience in all kinds of industries. By pooling these skills in its new "JUMO Engineering" range of services, the company is taking another step forward in its evolution from a component supplier to a provider of integrated solutions.
The new Engineering team develops custom-made applications for a variety of industries such as food and beverage, water and wastewater, pharmaceutical, heating and air conditioning, chemical, and the rapidly expanding field of renewable energy.
The Engineering team's portfolio is extensive, ranging from running basic feasibility studies and workshops through to drawing up specifications and end-to-end project management. The team boasts extensive experience in PLC programming, visualization, and network technology.
Customers receive applications developed and created based on JUMO products. This is because JUMO's product range already covers the entire solution chain from sensor technology for temperature, pressure, liquid analysis, and flow through to the right devices for recording, controlling, and automation. The range also includes all the necessary actuators such as solid state relays (SSRs) and SCR power controllers. This means that efficient solutions which are optimally aligned with each other can be created – and all from one service provider.
Applications are put into operation on site. Customers receive comprehensive product documentation and a customized operating manual. Support and other services as well as specific trainings round off the package. Customers can choose between individual elements or the implementation of the entire project. JUMO Engineering works nationally as well as internationally.

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Product category: Automatisation

Practically Limitless Possibilities

New functions for the JUMO mTRON T measuring, control, and automation system
With the mTRON T, JUMO GmbH & Co. KG is increasingly evolving into a system supplier instead of just a supplier of components. The measuring, control, and automation system has been introduced to the market with great success and is already represented in a highly-diverse range of sectors. The range of functions on the mTRON T is being consistently expanded to meet customer needs. A program generator with procedural steps, an optimized user management system, and an extended process screen editor are now available as updates.

As an option in the mTRON T central processing unit, a program generator is available especially for thermal treatments or thermal procedures. Up to nine asynchronous program generators can be activated. This standard program generator type allows setpoint value profiles to be specified. A setpoint value profile forms a program, together with the conditions of the control contacts.

A special program generator type is required for curing, cooking, and smoking chambers or for heating cabinets, cold chambers, and test chambers. In these areas, procedural steps are defined by the plant manufacturer (e.g. as a PLC application). Here, the user has no access, as special knowledge of plant operation is required. During program entry in the JUMO setup program, the user completes the procedural steps with the setpoint values for the program sections that have been defined by the plant manufacturer. Examples of the setpoint values include the chamber temperature or humidity, the core temperature, or the intensity of the smoke generator. The processing of the program sections is then defined as a program by the user.

In addition, various functions are extended in the system when the new program generator type is implemented and summarized as a new stage of expansion. This includes additions to the user management system and amendments to the process screen editor.

Users in a variety of industries have expressed the wish to configure the display and operation options according to the user who is signed in. As a result, up to 50 users – each with ID, name, and password – could be managed by the system in the future. The special feature here is that new users can be defined in the JUMO setup program or installed directly in the JUMO mTRON T multifunction panel. The option of defining up to 16 user groups in the JUMO setup program with individual rights is available.

Currently, up to 18 individual process screens can be shown in the JUMO mTRON T multifunction panel. The process screens are created in the JUMO setup program using the process screen editor. In the future, the option of defining up to 16 levels in each process screen will be available. When a process screen is created, the individual process screen objects are assigned to the corresponding level. The visibility and editability of each process screen level can be influenced by the soft PLC and the aforementioned user groups. In addition, the process screen object types are extended to include points such as program selection and batch reporting.

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Product category: Other control equipment

A Systematic Approach to Minimizing Risk

JUMO offers a safety-focused compact solution and certified safety chain through SIL3

SIL (Safety Integrity Level) is of ever-growing importance in the process industry. For this area, JUMO offers a safety-focused compact solution for various measurands based on the JUMO safetyM series safety monitor/limiter. A certified safety chain for the temperature measurand through SIL3 can be implemented in connection with special JUMO sensors.
SIL focuses on the evaluation of the safety chain. This safety chain typically consists of the control, the actuator, and the sensor. In principle, safety-focused variants can be implemented using two approaches. For example, users can use a memory-programmable safety logic controller, but this requires complex programming applications and the inputs as well as outputs are coupled with card types and multichannel features. In addition, each application must be calculated separately and evaluated according to SIL.
The use of the JUMO safetyM STB/STW is an alternative to the memory-programmable safety logic controller. A compact single-channel safety control with selectable redundant input signals for standard signals and temperature sensors can be implemented with this safety limiter/monitor. This solution is therefore well-suited for various measurands such as temperature, pressure, or level. The suitability of this solution extends even further to relatively small applications such as special machines as well as individual applications with a low signal density and number of signals. In addition to low investment costs, the advantages here include less parameterization effort for each application. Three different functional outputs are available (analog/binary).
In connection with special JUMO temperature probes, the whole SIL safety chain has already been evaluated and corresponding certificates up to SIL3 can be issued by JUMO. To date, no other manufacturer offers this option.

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About us

Company details

JUMO GmbH & Co. KG is a high-tech supplier of innovative products in the field of measurement, control, and automation technology. As a family company run by the third generation, the company nowadays employs more than 2,200 employees worldwide.

The innovative product range encompasses the entire measuring chain from sensors through to automated solutions for the measurands temperature, pressure, liquid analysis, flow, level, and humidity. The business group encompasses five branches in Germany, 24 subsidiaries abroad, and more than 40 agencies around the world.

Today, the company is the global market leader when it comes to industrial temperature probes. It distinguishes itself by its exceptional degree of innovation, above-average level of vertical manufacture, and an extensive product range. These factors enable the company to meet customer requirements quickly and flexibly.

Credibility and trust are the basis of the company management and ensure a high degree of employee loyalty. Moreover, the company is safeguarding its ability to meet the future demand for specialist personnel with its above-average training rate.
Sustainable company management in conjunction with realistic growth targets, sound financing, and a focus on the key markets of the future have ensured that the JUMO business group is on the path to successful growth - both today and in the future.

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100-199 Mio US $

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