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Hontzlarstr. 12-14
41238 Mönchengladbach, Germany

+49 2166 9836-0

+49 2166 83025


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 12  Surface treatment
  • 12.03  Impregnation plants

Impregnation plants

  • 12  Surface treatment
  • 12.05  Surface treatment materials

Surface treatment materials

  • 17  Pattern and die making
  • 17.02  Pattern and die making materials and standard elements
  • 17.02.06  Plastics
  • 17  Pattern and die making
  • 17.04  Solid Freeform Manufacturing
  • 17.04.03  Rapid tooling, materials, technologies and processes

Rapid tooling, materials, technologies and processes

Our products

Product category: Impregnation plants

Capillary-active impregnation

By using the DIAMANT capillary-active impregnation a high-resistance polymer, in combination with volatile components is applied on the porous surface. Based on the excellent capillary action dichtol penetrates deeply into the casting and impregnates right away. After curing the polymer is highly resistant to thermal, physical and chemical strain – even with alternating temperatures.


dichtol is a highly flexible and ready for use 1-component-system which can be use-orientated formulated. The easy and versatile application of dichtol (dipping, brushing, injecting, spraying) allows a reliable impregnation – even on complex structures.


Regardless of whether small or large pores – dichtol impregnates form-locking and restores the pressure tightness of castings. dichtol has been formulated for the needs of the foundry industry and is therefore specifically resistant to physical, thermal and chemical strain. In contrast to welding dichtol is extremely gentle to castings and enhances the surface and varnish properties of castings.

Quality management

dichtol increases the profitability of the production by reducing scrap significantly. With the objective to guarantee best outcomes and minimize costs – dichtol has been an integral part of the innovative quality management in the foundry industry.


The capillary-active characteristic of dichtol allows the polymer to deeply penetrate into the casting – without any expensive energy costs. If the porosities are locatable or remain unchanged in the serial production you can realize with the punctual impregnation the minimal consumption of material. Additionally dichtol substitutes the need for high investment costs such as an in-house vacuum impregnating line. Moreover, our on-site impregnation solution avoids annoying maintenance and lead times, which could occur by using an out-sourced impregnation plant.

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Product category: Surface treatment materials

Metal – Coatings the clever way

For large & small technologies with extreme adhesion on neraly all metals. Continuous formulations for individual applications make DIAMANT coatings bestsellers since 12 decades. DIAMANT coatings have been used worldwide with great success due to their very high qualities and cost savings.

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Product category: Plastics

DIAMANT Special Products

There are things which are hard to believe to exist: extraordinary and special formulations not only to repair, regenerate, coat, protect and, and, and…

Typically DIAMANT…
that’s what our customers think having a newly formulated product in use.

Special products for…
maintanance were never so easy to get and manifold in applications from a complete repair job to the spot-repair.

The well assorted group of products comprises all industrial applications from the daily problem solver to the real High-Tech-Product with a lot of “know-how”.


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Product category: Plastics


plasticmetal is a fast hardening and polymer bound metal for the removal of blow holes. After hardening the high-performing polymer machinable like metal. The excellent resistance to physical, thermal and chemical strain has especially been developed for the requirements of the foundry industry. plasticmetal is an extremely flexible system which can be mixed and applied in small quantities as well as combined with 9 different hardeners.

  • Product benefits
  • Combine 12 metal powders individually with 9 hardeners
  • Best metallic character
  • Excellent technical characteristics
  • Fast hardening
  • Variable viscosity (liquid to putty)
  • Perfect for small and medium repairs of blowholes and defects

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About us

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DIAMANT Metallplastic GmbH is a full-service provider of high quality metal-polymer materials.
For the foundry industry, we offer a wide range of products to repair cast parts or to prevent surface damages, starting from impregnating micropores or hairline cracks up to reparing large defects. All DIAMANT products are manufactured in Germany. Since 1886 we guarantee best results to improve the profitability of your production.

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