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1 Vulcan Drive
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

  • 05  Moulding and core making
  • 05.02  Moulding machines and plants for non bentonite-bonded moulds
  • 05.02.04  Lost-foam processes, equipment

Lost-foam processes, equipment

  • 05  Moulding and core making
  • 05.04  Moulding and core making machines, accessories
  • 05.04.06  Automated core/mould manipulation systems

Automated core/mould manipulation systems

  • 11  Knock-out, fettling and finishing
  • 11.05  Grinding machines and accessories
  • 11.05.01  Grinding machines, automatic controlled

Grinding machines, automatic controlled

Our products

Product category: Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering

Complete Foundry Facilities

Vulcan Engineering Co. is a fully staffed engineering and manufacturing facility. With all design and engineering performed onsite, we can closely follow your project from conceptual design to final use. For larger projects, we offer full engineering analysis of your foundry. Before the purchase of any equipment, we can fully evaluate your existing process or facility to determine the most efficient method to achieve the final product you require. Engineering studies also offer the ability to research other possible process changes without the loss of production during onsite testing.

Over 30% of our staff is dedicated solely to design and engineering. We can mobilize the skills necessary for meeting your needs. For our customers this means we not only fabricate the equipment, but we apply that equipment with our engineering experience. In today’s highly competitive foundries, the ability to just supply equipment is not enough. Foundries require experienced application and installation of equipment as well. Vulcan can partner with you from the start, whether you need a single machine, process area upgrades or full foundry modifications.

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Product category: Lost-foam processes, equipment

Complete Lost Foam Systems & Equipment

Lost Foam offers design, cost, and environmental advantages such as no cores, core defects, or core fins. Dry unbonded sand is used so there is no moisture or binder related defects. This simple process control allows for lower labor costs, lower capital costs, lower machine tooling damage, and lower energy consumption. Since the Lost Foam process is capable of close dimensional tolerances, the result is more complex shapes, reduced assembly, and improved part performance.

Lost Foam has been successfully applied to alloys of aluminum, gray iron, ductile iron, brass, bronze, and steel. With or without slight variations virtually any alloy can be produced using Lost Foam. Vulcan Engineering has licenses or associations for variations of the basic Lost Foam process such as Replicast CS, Castyral, Polyform, and others.

Vulcan operates a separate facility for training in tooling, foam making, casting, and all phases of the Lost Foam process. This, combined with our exclusive technology packages, can included actual work in a production foundry while developing process parameters for your particular casting.

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Product category: Automated core/mould manipulation systems

Robotics and Automation

Vulcan's expertise is second to none in the integration and unique solutions used in robotic metal removal applications, material handling, automated lines, and all types of automation in the foundry industry. We take a total concept approach to improving the productivity and profitability of our customers' handling and processing needs. Our equipment can be customized for any application. Vulcan also offers after sale support, installation & start-up services, in-house manufacturing & testing, and training with all of our Action®, Foxall®, VTS™, and automation products.

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Product category: Grinding machines, automatic controlled

Grinding, Cut-Off, and Finishing Equipment

Vulcan Engineering Co. offers a wide range of Fox® finishing equipment including foundry-duty Grinders (Stand, Belt Swing Frame), Cut-Off Machines (swing frame, air float tables), and Casting Positioners. We can also incorporate automation and semi-automation to create a finishing system that has multiple capabilities like compliant cut-off and/or grinding, improved safety, and better productivity & profitability.

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About us

Company details

Vulcan Engineering Co. was founded in 1970 as a foundry engineering, equipment and installation supplier. The company was started by, and is still managed and staffed by, foundry people who came from operations, engineering and maintenance. The solutions we offer come from knowledge of your processes and daily challenges.

We will work with you to develop specific equipment or systems for your application, or to provide equipment from our vast array of foundry-designed standard equipment. Whatever your process, Green Sand, No-Bake, Lost Foam, or any other, we offer solutions from our “expertise backed by experience”.

We offer several brands that produce quailty equipment such as Fox® Finishing Equipment, Action® Robots and Manipulators, VTS™ Robotic Manipulators, Donovan™ Rollovers and Mold Handling, Mid-West Machine™ Metal Conditioning Equipment, Truflo® Mold Handling Lines, and much more.

Whether your need is a single piece of equipment, or a complete turn-key concept-to-completion project, Vulcan is interested and ready to work with you.

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