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Product categories

  • 01  Plant and equipment for processing prime and raw materials
  • 01.01  Handling of ores, coke and other prime materials

Handling of ores, coke and other prime materials

  • 03  Plant and equipment for steel making
  • 03.02  Electric steel production

Electric steel production

  • 14  Steel mills

Steel mills

  • 15  Non-ferrous metal works

Non-ferrous metal works

Our products

Product category: Handling of ores, coke and other prime materials


Rollmax Roll Force Measurement Load Cells

Today's KELK Rollmax Load Cells - The Best of the Best Incorporating strain gages as sensing elements and constructed from solid, high strength stainless steel forgings, they are always the strongest part of any millstand. KELK Load Cells have out performed and have outlived all competitive products when used as replacements in the same mills. With higher overload capability, better accuracy, superior temperature compensation, lower error from uneven loading, and an incredible warranty, KELK Rollmax Load Cells are always the best value.


KELK Strain Extensometers

Extensometers are simple, economical sensors attached to rolling mill housings to measure the strain in the housing posts resulting from roll force. Roll force can be derived from these measurements, but due to outside influences, these calculated results can never be as accurate as direct load cell force measurement. However, there are applications in which strain gage extensometers can provide useful rolling information, and in such cases KELK can provide extensometers that are superior to all competitive products.

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Product category: Handling of ores, coke and other prime materials


ROLLMAX Fluid Pressure (FPTs)

Fluid Pressure Transducers (FPTs) are used in large quantities in and around all types of rolling mills

However, the FPTs used to track changes in hydraulic cylinder pressure in hydraulically actuated mill stands are critical: If any of these fail, the entire rolling operation must stop, and remain stopped until the FPT is replaced and the spilled hydraulic fluid - sometimes very flammable - is cleaned up. Unfortunately catastrophic failure of ordinary FPTs is quite common, as they typically feature a flimsy construction and are weakened whenever they are opened in order to adjust their internal electronics. KELK Fluid Pressure Transducers are the most rugged FPTs available anywhere, so strong that they carry the KELK 5 year Rollmax guarantee. And KELK FPTs use the same external electronic systems as KELK Load Cells and Tensiometers. That means they never have to be opened once in service, and users can stock common spares. - See more at:

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Product category: Electric steel production


Tension Measurement Solutions

KELK Offers a Complete Line of Tension Measuring Equipment to Suit All Roll Mill Applications

KELK tensiometers measure strip tension by sensing components of forces exerted on a dynamically balanced sensing roll over which the strip is pulled, using purpose designed load cells at or under the ends of the sensing roll. For high tension applications such as Tandem Cold Mills, KELK offers Tensiometer Load Cell Assemblies in single or dual range. Containing special hermetically sealed and temperature compensated Tensiometer Load Cells, these Assemblies can withstand overloads of more than 20 times normal load and are immune both to leakage and to the errors from side forces and from temperature gradients that plague competitive tensiometers.


KELK Strain Extensometers

For lower tension applications, such as Processing Lines - as well as some single stand mills - KELK offers a wide range of Monobloc Tensiometer Transducers; one piece, hermetically sealed and exceptionally strong load cells that measure tension components either normal to, or parallel to, their mounting surface. In Hot Strip Mills KELK offers Looper Load Cell Assemblies dimensioned to integrate into existing looper arms. These Assemblies contain special Load Cells as well as additional sensors to measure looper angle and looper acceleration in applications which require the derivation of strip tension for the mill control system.

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About us

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in Steel & Aluminum Rolling Mills, Paper Mills & Mining Applications

Founded in 1953, George Kelk Corporation (KELK), an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, specializes in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art electronic measurement equipment used mainly in steel and aluminum rolling mills, paper mills, and mining applications around the world. Today, we have over 160 employees. They stand by our name; many have been awarded for their long-term hard work at KELK. Moreover, our employees have multinational educational backgrounds and experiences that are necessary to keep KELK ahead of its competitors. KELK operates from a modern plant located in Toronto, Canada which houses Head Office, Engineering, Manufacturing, Research, Sales and Service functions for the company, with Sales and Marketing sections supported by a worldwide network of agents.We are a long established company and have stable and growing business levels with a wide range of products. We serve geographically diverse markets with over 95% of our sales outside of Canada.

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