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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.03  Peripheral equipment and auxiliary materials for die casting (die casting dies see 17.03.01)
  • 10.03.04  Release agents for die-casting

Release agents for die-casting

  • 12  Surface treatment
  • 12.03  Impregnation plants

Our products

Product category: Release agents for die-casting

Lubrolene Water-free Die Release Agents

The Lubrolene series of water free die release agents is designed to suit a range of different diecasting conditions – and still deliver impressive savings.

Whether you are casting aluminium alloys at die temperatures up to 430°C or magnesium and structural components at lower die temperatures, there is a Lubrolene WFR die lubricant to suit the conditions.

Given that the die has been designed for minimal spray, or parameters on the existing die have been aligned, switching from a conventional water-based die lubricant to one of the Lubrolene WFR series can lead to significant savings for die casters.

Up to 85% of the running costs of a die-cast machine can be saved which amounts to more than €100,000 a year for a 350 ton machine.

Lubrolene WFR series

Has die lubricants suitable for:

*Engine, transmission and structural parts
*High temperature aluminium alloys at die temperatures up to 430°Cl
*Lower temperature magnesium and thin-walled castings at 140°C-180°C
*thin or complex castings
*large and thick-walled castings
*a range of die temperatures

Lubrolene WFR-EC series

Developed by the Aoki Science Institute of Japan, the Lubrolene WFR-EC range is applied by an electrostatic spray gun, making it especially good at covering complex die moulds with hard-to-reach surfaces.

There are five different WFR-EC formulations that cover five different temperature ranges, from the lowest of 110°C-320°C to the highest of 150°C-430°C.

Lubrolene NPL

Especially designed for high temperature die casting, it is effective up to an even higher maximum die temperature of 450°C.

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Product category: Impregnation plants

MX2 Recycling Sealant

MX2 - The original Recycling Sealant

Ultraseal recycling sealants are specially formulated to give them hydrophobic properties. They have a specific gravity less than 1.0 which means they will naturally tend to separate from water. The separation process involves the Sealant Recycling System (SRS). This is a custom-built separator that takes sealant-laden water from the wash tank and passes it through filters, before separating the sealant from the water.

MX2 is the original Recycling Sealant. MX2 was the world's first commercially available recycling sealant and even today remains as the only recycling sealant to have been in use throughout the world for over two decades. Its versatility and reliability is illustrated by the number of international users and the variety of applications for which it is employed:

It has gained significant global approval with major automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, and remains a high performance recycling sealant offering significant environmental benefits when compared to conventional non-recycling sealants.It is also the preferred choice of sealant for a wide range of companies in differing sectors; who are seeking to maintain sealing quality and process consistency, while simultaneously reducing sealant consumption, effluent disposal costs and water usage.

Rigorous laboratory testing ensured that Ultraseal MX2 delivered the same results as Ultraseal PC504/66 and is also approved to the internationally accepted US Military Specification MIL-I-17563C.



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Product category: Impregnation plants

Recycling Impregnation Sealant

Rexeal 100 - A New Generation of Recyclable Sealant - Mil Spec Approved

Rexeal is the new generation of recyclable sealant.

Ultraseal never relax from their vision of continuous improvement and through extensive research by the Ultraseal research and development department, they have gathered a proven track record of more than two decades in the use of recycling sealants to develop this evolutionary product.

By examining the performance of Ultraseal MX2 in the field, and taking into account extensive feedback from the market, Rexeal 100 has been purposely formulated to meet the ever-changing requirements of companies. It brings additional tangible benefits to manufacturers that require the highest possible levels of sealing quality and environmental conformance.

Benefits of Rexeal 100

Highest performing recycling sealant available on the marketIncreased cost effectivenessIncreased environmental benefitsMil Spec ApprovedProcess stability improved, resulting in more easily maintained systemsGel time - drift reduced or eliminated , therefore requiring less catalystWashing characteristics enhanced, leading to cleaner componentsThermal resistance increased to 220°CHydrophobic properties increased, ensuring the sealant will reduce moisture more quicklyENVIRONMENT - further protected by the use of more environmentally friendly chemicals in the formulation.

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Product category: Impregnation plants

Impregnation Equipment

Ultraseal is the global leader in vacuum impregnation equipment, offering a range of top loading and front loading machines from manual to fully automatic systems as well as being the pioneer and leader in recycling impregnation technology.

Ultraseal's unique understanding of the varied requirements of customers in a diverse range of industries is clearly reflected in its global client base and the enormous range of components being impregnated worldwide today using Ultraseal vacuum impregnation equipment and recycling impregnation sealants.

Top Loading Machines

Top-loading vacuum impregnation equipment was the first to be used for impregnation and was originally based on a simple vacuum autoclave system with open tanks for the subsequent processes.

Simple top-loading vacuum impregnation machines remain widely used today and Ultraseal can supply standard batch processing machines for start-up and lower volume requirements, offering appropriate levels of process control.

Front Loading Machines

Ultraseal International pioneered the world's first front-loading vacuum impregnation system to complement the majority of manufacturing worldwide which is conveyor-based.

Front loading vacuum impregnation equipment offers greater speed, control and significant health and safety advantages, as well as the key ability to be fully integrated into production lines.

The impregnation process can now be connected to the previous operation by simple conveyor, negating the need for auxiliary transport mechanisms. Furthermore, the loading of each module is simplified, with no requirement for an overhead gantry or hoist.

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About us

Company details

Ultraseal International is a global leader in finding solutions to porosity, an eternal problem for diecasters the world over which can cause cast metal parts to leak under pressure.

The company has an unrivalled reputation for innovation in the field of Vacuum Impregnation with porosity sealants that together offer a permanent and reliable solution to porosity.

It was first to market with modern methacrylate-based sealants, first with recycling sealants that have both cost and environmental benefits and first with fully automated Vacuum Impregnation equipment.

Ultraseal’s recycling sealant Rexeal 100™ is a global benchmark, approved to US Military specification MIL-I-17563C (Class 1 and 3) and effective at up to 220°C (428°F), making it especially suitable for parts that undergo thermal cycling.

Customers include OEMs and Tier One suppliers such as BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, VW, Valeo, Delphi and Sanden. The company exports to more than 36 of the 50 countries in the world that have a significant automotive sector.

Based in Coventry, UK, it has a truly global presence, with Joint Ventures in China and India, offices in Japan and the United States and a network of 22 agents/distributors around the world. It has also acquired Sterr & Eder Industrieservice GmbH, one of Germany’s most renowned job processing shops.

Headquartered in Coventry, UK, where all of its Research & Development, together with production of its sealants, and the design and manufacture of its most sophisticated machines, takes place.

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10-49 Mio US $

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