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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.05  Mould and moulding sand testing
  • 19.05.02  Moulding sand testing equipment

Our products

Product category: Moulding sand testing equipment

AllinOne universal apparatus

Semi-Automatic apparatus is used for the measurement of the pressure, shear and splitting strength on cylindrical moulding sand test pieces, as well as the bending strength on ingot shaped test pieces produced according to the specifications of VDG and UNI. The apparatus is suitable to manufacture the cylindrical test piece.

Accessories upon request:

- Base
- Cylinder tube
- Head for splitting test
- Head and base for double cut
- Attachments for measuring of Transverse Strength
- Cylinder tube for specimen preparation
- Industrial PC (screen 17 “)
- Serial cable
- Transformer 220Vac/ 24 V d.c.
- Manual extractor

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Product category: Moulding sand testing equipment

Continuous Clay Washer Apparatus Twin Type Style

This apparatus is intended exclusively for determination of the fines content namely the portion of moulding sand mixtures that has a dimension minor of 0.02 mm

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Product category: Moulding sand testing equipment

Wet tensile apparatus

Apparatus for determination of the wet tensile stength on sand specimen
Accessories upon request:

- Cylinder specimen tube for sample arrangement complete of holding frame
- Test ring
- Specimen tube basement

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Product category: Moulding sand testing equipment

Radioactivity metering

Radioactivity metering :portable instruments and stationary installation

Portable instrument , design to survey gamma radiation emission sources
(es: 137Cs; 60Co ecc.) , comprising :
- Rechargable batteries set
- Access to instrument setting through password
- Recording of measuremts with : progressive data , date and hour

Upon request we could supply stationary radioactivity metering installation ,with 2 or 4 detectors , and special execution.

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Product category: Moulding sand testing equipment


Universal polishers suitable for the surface preparation of metallographic specimen , abrasive papers of various grade to keep final surface quality. Suitable to preparation of specimen for use with spectrometer and microscopes.

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Product category: Moulding sand testing equipment

Metallographic cutters

The metallographic cutters are designed to work in laboratories environmental , to perform plane cut strictly in cold conditions on all metals.
The mainframe of the machine is made of stainless steel.
Wide housing for parts accommodation below the cutting wheel, working surface and cutting wheel cover are nickel-plated chemical treated to perform protection against wearing and corrosion.

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Product category: Moulding sand testing equipment

Mold assembly mounting presses

Moulding presses to produce quickly perfect embedding of metallographic specimen using every kind of thermoplastic or thermosetting resin.

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About us

Company details

Background and Milestone.

1991.Set up of company Benet d.i. by Mr.Ettore Bennati, a fully-qualified mechanical draughtsman who was born in Brescia on 31.5.1946.

1993. The company became Benet s.n.c., a family-run concern.

1996-2002. Company got accreditation to accomplish Sand testing certification.

2006.Company became “Benet di Bennati Enrico e Leonardo & C. S.A.S.”

2007. Start-up of BENET line of Laboratory Sand Testing Equipment.

2008. Upgrade of offices, ISO 9001 quality certification for manufacturing of sand testing equipments and

2011. Quality certification renewal.

2014. Changing company in BENETLAB srl.

2014. Start up of an internal own R&D laboratory focus on Sand Testing for foundry sector.

Nowadays Management of BENETLAB s.r.l. is on hand of brothers Mr.Leonardo and Mr.Enrico Bennati (Managers).

Partnership: with AR.CA. Meccanica srl. (workshop company).


Company Facilities.

- offices (PC network, Autocad and Office Package).

- R&D Laboratory (whole range of BENTLAB equipment + ancillaries).

- of warehouse.

Company is located in North of Italy , in village Passirano (Brescia).

4 km far from Speedway A4 Milan-Venice, gate Ospitaletto.

Airport:(Milan-Bergamo 30 km, Verona 60 km, Milan 100 km).

Today BENETLAB is able to supply foundries with an extensive range of laboratory equipments for testing of moulding and core sand. Through our R&D laboratory we also work together foundries to investigate all relevant matters linked to sand employ in foundry processes.

We are able to offer to foundries training and orientation around sand testing control and lab procedures. Find us at

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