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Product category: Recarburizers

Carbon materials

The present development of metallurgy is characterized by core changes of both scales of high-quality steel production and its part in the general production and methods of obtaining. Strict requirements to the steel quality in modern metallurgy resulted in the development of new technologies that significantly changed the situation in steelmaking industry in recent years. It in its turn, obliged LLC “TERS” to develop “Antractive”, modified and high-quality carbon material (TU 2162-002-12148148-2009) needed for steelmaking processes in contemporary metallurgy.

“Antractive” carbon material is produced by LLC “TERS” from high-quality low-ash, low-sulphur anthracite, mined in Donetsk coal basin (Rostov region, Russia) by high-temperature operation, milling and enrichment.

Our product is made with the help of modern high-technology equipment, including drying and suction cleaning during the whole process, that allows to get the quality, meeting the requirements of the most sophisticated customers.

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Product category: Recarburizers

Anthracite coal

Anthracite coal is the most ancient high-quality pit coal. Coal reserves are only 3% of scope volume of the world coal reserves. High degree of incarbonization is a predominant feature of anthracite coal. It contains 95% of carbon that is why anthracite burns without open flame and odor and smoke emission. Anthracite coal can be both of velvet and iron-black color with strong steel luster.

Anthracite coal is widely applied both in various industrial spheres and household spheres as a fuel for accommodation heating.

Anthracite coal burning

To kindle anthracite you need more efforts and heat than for wood-polymer composites but after flaming up anthracite will burn longer. But anthracite coal burns only in the presence of an air-draught and do not sinter.

Though anthracite is a product of what is formed after the slow tabes, anthracite is harder than brown and mineral coal formed in the same way.

Specific heat of anthracite amounts 8100-3850 kcal/kg.

Depending on fraction size, anthracite coal is classified according to the following types:

  • Anthracite horn nut — fraction 26-100 mm;
  • Anthracite horn, large – fraction 50-100 mm;
  • Anthracite nut – fraction 26-50 mm;
  • Anthracite small – fraction 13-25 mm;
  • Anthracite seed – fraction 6-13 mm;
  • Anthracite slime (product of coal washing) – A-slime;
  • Anthracite dust coal – fraction less than 6 mm.

Anthracite is packed in polypropylene bags marked with the brand logo of our company. In order to protect the product from moisture during transportation and storage we insert an additional plastic bag in each bag.

You can buy anthracite coal by contacting with our specialists.

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About us

Company details


  • lower price in comparison with the analogues (coke, graphite) of Russian and foreign production;
  • high product quality (physical and chemical properties) are provided by high-tech equipment;
  • drying plant and aspiration systems (reduction of moisture and suspended articles) allow to get 95% of the basic elements content in fraction, not more than 3% of moisture rate and fixed ash content, that is the main requiry of the customers;
  • use of high-carbon raw materials (anthracite of Donetsk coal basin, Rostov region) enables to get high-carbon material;
  • sieve tilting system and screen control during size grading allow to get the material of different fractional size (0-50mm).

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