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Steve Macey

Executive board/managing director
Business, corporate or plant management

185 Cannock Road
WV10 8QL Westcroft, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

+44 1902 722588

+44 1902 730142


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  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.02  Electric melting and holding furnaces (pouring equipment see 10.01)
  • 02.02.02  Crucible induction furnaces

Our products

Product category: Crucible induction furnaces

Mag-Melt tilting furnaces

Designed for the small and medium foundry, the Mag-Melt has a rugged all steel construction which offers a specification and performance more common to larger steel frame or shell furnaces. The system is magnetically screened utilizing air cooled shunt gap technology offering improved efficiency allowing a very high power to weight ratio.

Advanced design
In most variants, fussy shunt or yolk cooling circuits common to other steel furnaces have been designed out leaving the interior of the body uncluttered.



Simple construction
Simplification of the construction has been further developed by the removal of most of the combustible insulation materials within the furnace thus reducing ground fault or induced field loop problems associated with charred or burnt insulators. Clever use of refractory materials has eliminated the need for coil backing materials, mica, insulation tubes, top hat washers and so on.


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Product category: Crucible induction furnaces

The Pulsar inverter

Meltech's Pulsar inverter combines the best features of other inverter brands in one package and has been logically designed to allow any engineer with competent electronic skills to fix and maintain the system.

The reliable choice.
Ultra reliable parallel circuit provides a very low current duty across the machines switching devices, this coupled to a fast acting fully controlled rectifier provides ultimate protection against system faults. This system has proven capable of surviving sustained punishment without suffering component failure.

Efficient and simple.
Straight line performance across the heat cycle with a wide coupling range makes melting difficult charge material easy, An ergonomic layout provides the operator with visual feed back showing the machines operating conditions. The LED diagnostic indicator provides a display of limit conditions and information should a fault condition occur.

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Product category: Crucible induction furnaces

Innovative approach to induction melting"

A unique understanding of the problems associated with most types of coreless induction furnace has driven Meltech to develop a system with simplicity and efficiency in mind, careful attention to detail has resulted in the equipment being very easy to live with and maintain.

Pulsar inverter technology
With power ratings of 50kW up to 750kW with frequencies of 200 to 3,000Hz the Pulsar inverter is ideally suited for the efficient melting of Ferrous, Copper based and Aluminium alloys within the small to medium foundry environment.

Tilting furnaces
All Mag-Melt tilting induction furnace bodies offer a rugged design and utilize shunt gap technology to provide a compact yet economically priced steel constructed furnace body with a capacity range of up to 1,500kg ferrous or 500kg of Aluminium alloys.

Crucible furnaces
For smaller non ferrous alloy melting applications the Mag-Melt "C" crucible furnace body has the operational features of the larger tilting furnace body incorporated into a drop coil arrangement which has eliminated the need for trenches or pits, common to other brands of crucible furnace.

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About us

Company details

Formed in May 1999 by engineers who had worked in a technical and commercial capacity for several well-known induction furnace manufacturers, Meltech initially, rebuilt and sold small and medium sized induction melting furnaces and quickly grew the business to incorporate electronic spare parts and site service to the UK and Europe.

Today over 400 rebuilt systems have been supplied to over 30 countries with the customer base enjoying long term after sales care on all of the equipment sold.

In around 2008 the company embarked on a 5 year development plan to move into the new equipment market with the introduction of the Mag-Melt induction furnace body range followed shortly after by the Pulsar inverter system which completed the transition as a fully operational induction furnace manufacturer.

Today Meltech sales are around 40% new equipment, 40% rebuilt second hand sales and 20% spare parts and service.

The Meltech group of companies also include Coilco Ltd , a specialist manufacturer and repairer of new induction stirring, melting and heating coils and finally , Induction Furnaces Ltd , a fledgling furnace components mail order business which is due to go online in 2015, In all there are 18 employees working from 2 sites with factory and offices totalling 1300 square meters.

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

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max. 50%

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Area of business
  • Foundry plants and installations, planning, construction, engineering
  • Melting shop
  • Casting machines and pouring equipment