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Our range of products

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Our products

Product category: Mould and core coatings

NanocompST: nano ceramic for Launders and Refractory

NanocompST from Ceranovis is the nano-ceramic alternative to conventional boron nitride coatings for launders, troughs and cross feeders as well as other mineral devices. The Nanocomp ST product is applied thinly (50-100µm) and provides a service time which is by 5-10 times higher than conventional products.

Nanocomp ST20 is the very robust coating providing good release properties and protection over hundred hours of melt flow. A low consumption is related to the thin layer. No build-up and flake-off of coating is expected.

Nanocomp ST11 is the most repellent coating. It is composed by very pure ingredients and inert to chemical aggression from melts. So, it is successfully used in pure aluminium or zinc (5N) applications as well as for very aggressive melts like AlLi.

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Product category: Mould and core coatings

Nanocomp BC: nano-ceramic mould coating for brass casting

CeraNovis’s semi-permanent high-performance coatings provide ideal conditions for melt flow and form filling in brass casting (GDC/LPDC) for faucet production. The BRASSCAST coatings can be adjusted conductive or insulating according to application method. This allows to control the solidification, leading to a significantly reduced scrap rate. Nanocomp coatings are water-resistant, insensitive towards the melt temperature and temperature shocks as they occur between casting and water cooling.

Features are

  • Cracks during solidification/cooling of casting are avoided.
  • Improvement of output and productivity up to 50%
  • Reduction of quality cost
  • Low consumption combined with long service time of coating
  • No graphite in cooling bath requiredClean working space - „white foundry“

Following products are available :

  • Nanocomp BC11 : conductive coating for rapid solidification
  • Nanocomp BC13 : insulating coating for good mould filling with good release properties
  • Nanocomp BC15 : highly insulating coating
  • Nanocomp Z-Ex : Zinc remover for high temperature application on moulds in casting process





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Product category: Mould and core coatings

Nano-ceramic coating for aluminium GDC / LPDC / PCPC

CeraNovis GmbH provides high performance base coatings and a nano-ceramic top coating for aluminium permanent mould casting (GDC/LPDC/PCPC).

By the use of Nanocomp MM, the service time of coating is increased by 200 – 500% compared to conventional coatings. In most cases, customers can use moulds an entire week without shot blast intervention. The coatings are used for wheels production, cylinder head and engine production and general use.

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Product category: Mould and core coatings

Nanocomp V7HI: avoid misrun by a very insulating coating

NanocompV7HI was designed to avoid misrun in Aluminium LPDC/GDC. The synthetic coating of Ceranovis provides a high insulation not only by its roughness, but also by insulating ingredients. In that way good mould filling properties can be achieved with a medium rough coating. Effectively the insulation effect can be controlled by the coat thickness.

The coating has a very special binder. It can be applied on actively cooled segments of moulds. This is required on the calotte side of cylinder head moulds. NanocompV7HI can be applied at mould temperatures of 150°C without any risk of moisture defects.

Nanocomp V7HI is designed for casting of...

  • Cylinder heads
  • engine blocks
  • thin walled structural parts
  • parts requiring high insulation for any reason


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About us

Company details

Ceranovis GmbH develops, produces and sells coatings for foundries and smelters with a focus on aluminum foundries in low pressure die casting (LDPC) and gravity die casting (GDC). Another area of expertise are release and protective coatings for the liquid melt logistics in foundries and smelters.

Ceranovis offers:

Permanent coatings for brass die casting with adjustable functionsHigh performance coatings for aluminum die castingRelease and protective coatings for refractory material and melt handlingPermanent coatings for metal molds in semi-finished goods (Pigs, Sows, Piglets)Permanent release coatings for core boxesNon-stick coatings for high-temperature applications

Thanks to dedicated synthetic fillers and a range of special binders- among them nano-ceramics – we can offer coatings with a long service life, excellent non-wettability and protection features as well as surface condition and heat transfer characteristics adjusted to the customers’ needs for specific applications. The areas of application range from aluminum melts – from 5N highly pure aluminum to highly aggressive alloys, cooper and copper alloys, magnesium to zinc (pure and alloys).

Our aim is highest efficiency. Although CeraNovis coating are extremely thin, they have a long service life. In some cases a few kilograms of our products replace a ton of conventional release agent. All products are designed in such a way, that they can be applied and touched up during the process by the available operators, thus setting new standards of efficiency with respect to productivity and quality. The focus always lies on the cost efficiency of the entire process.

We offer the following applications for non-stick coatings in high-temperature conditions or high chemical-physical stress:

Corrosion protection of componentsNon-stick coating in flue gas management and energy recuperationReflecting coatings for the aerospace industryNon-stick coating for adhesives, condensates and resinsNon-stick and protective coating in media-routing industrial process

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

> 75%

Number of employees