AVTO G d.o.o.

Slandrova Ulica 4, 1231 Ljubljana
Telephone +386 1 2373510
Fax +386 1 2373514


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Anes Mujezinović

Department head/group leader
Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

Šlandrova ulica 4
1231 Ljubljana, Slovenia

+ 386 1 237 35 10

+ 386 1 237 35 14


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 17  Pattern and die making
  • 17.02  Pattern and die making materials and standard elements
  • 17.02.07  Ceramics

Our products

Product category: Ceramics

Ceramic tubes and insulators for thermocouples

Our flexible equipment enables us wide range of various products; tubes and insulators for needs of thermocouple producers.
We produce ceramic tubes and insulators from standard materials; C 530, C 610, C 799 but also from special materials according to buyers demand. Closed ceramic tubes are made from diameter 2 mm up to 50 mm with length up to max 2030 mm.
We can offer You wide assortiment of ceramic isolators, starting from smallest pearls up to isolators with length 2060mm.


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Product category: Ceramics

Metal ceramic tubes and elbows

All problems that arise due to excessive wear out (abrasion) during transport of various materials are solved if transport surfaces are lined with high quality ceramics. It is difficult to imagine contemporary pneumatic transports without tubes and elbows lined with ceramics. Large surfaces of various forms are successfully lined with ceramic mosaics and special ceramic tiles.

Ceramic mosaics and tiles are successfully fitted to surfaces that are exposed to a large rate of abrasion with the help of special adhesives (epoxy glue) or by mechanical fixing.

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Product category: Ceramics

Technical and industrial ceramics

The technologies of isostatic and mechanic pressing, technology of extruding and technology of injection molding are allowing us to produce different parts from high quality ceramics. Our products can be used in all kinds of industries...ETC. If you have problems with high abrasion, high temperatures, chemicals, acids, bases, etc our ceramics are the right solution.

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About us

Company details

We are producer of high quality industrial and technical ceramics based on Al2O3. All our ceramic products are made of high quality material.

Aluminium oxide Al203 ceramics is made in different qualities, from Steatit C 221 to C 799 ceramics with high purity 99,7% Al203.

Zirconium oxide ceramic is made in two variants:
stabilisied with magnesium ZrO2+MgO
stabilised with ytrium ZrO2+Y2O3

We also produce composit ceramics Al203+ZrO2 in different ratio of these two materials, as also composit Al203+TiO2 (Aluminium Titanate)

Due to our technology for production (isostatic press, mechanic press, extruding, injection moulding or casting) we developed wide range of various ceramic products that are used in different industry branches.

Our products have following features:

High resistance on abrasion
Resistance on high temperature
High hardness
Resistance on chemicals (base, acids...)
Good electro-isolation characteristics
Low electrical conductivity

We can produce many different items as tubes and isolators for termocouples, pipes and bends lined with ceramic, wear protection pipes and bends, tiles, mosaics, welding and sand blasting nozzles, ignitors, ceramics for brick industry,...We produce custom made items based on customer demand.

Please send us Your inquiry and we will be happy to give You our offer.

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