Rautomead Limited

P.O. Box 100, DD1 9QY Dundee, Scotland
Nobel Road, Wester Gourdie Industrial Estate, DD2 4UH Dundee, Scotland
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1382 622341
Fax +44 1382 622941


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  • 10  Casting machines and pouring equipment
  • 10.06  Continuous casting machines and accessories
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Continuous casting machines and plants

Our products

Product category: Continuous casting machines and plants

Precious Metals

We offer precious metals continuous casting technology and a range of precious metals continuous casting machines.

Our precious metals continuous casting machines have graphite crucible and resistance heating technology for high purity high quality continuous cast material. Machines may be used as batch casting machines or continuous casting, they may be feed with either liquid metal, alloyed grain or virgin metals depending on production quantity and cast section.

A wide range of machine sizes and specifications are available for precious metals processing, including gold and silver based alloys for:

  • jewellery, as sheet, rod and tube
  • electronics industry as lead frame alloys and contact materials
  • dental industry
  • minting industry, as bullion coinage strip
  • Bonding wire rod, 99.999 purity gold

Examples of finished final products which can be manufactured using these continuous casting machines for precious metals include:

  • Gold and silver coins
  • Medals
  • Gold bonding wire
  • Jewellery, silver picture frames, silver cutlery
  • Dental alloys
  • Electronic lead frame material
  • Sputtering targets for glass coating
  • Silver flutes


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Product category: Continuous casting machines and plants

Engineering Alloys

We offer engineering alloy continuous casting technology and a range of engineering alloy wire continuous casting machines.

Our engineering alloy Machines designed for the production of a wide range of copper based engineering alloys (brasses, bronzes, aluminium bronzes).

Rautomead engineering alloy machines may be used either as single furnace integrated melting and casting engineering alloy machine or as a holding and casting machine fed with pre-alloyed liquid metal from a primary melting furnace, depending on alloy, section size and desired output.

Engineering Alloy Machines may be configured with tooling to produce:

  • Billet up to 200mm dia,
  • Strip up to 400mm wide
  • rods/bars 16 – 50mm
  • Hollow tube shell 50 – 200mm OD


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Product category: Continuous casting machines and plants

Copper Wire & Cable

We offer copper continuous casting technology and a range of copper wire and cable continuous casting machines.

The copper rod continuous casting machines are specifically designed for the processing of electrolytically-refined grade 'A' copper feedstock to produce 8.0mm diameter wire rods. They may be configured to produce rod up to 22.0mm diameter if required. The machines are intended to be operated for long periods of uninterrupted production of continuous cast copper wire rod.

RS machines are configured as integrated melting, holding and casting units, featuring graphite crucibles, protected in an inert gas atmosphere with high intensity graphite resistance heating.
RDG machines feature large Induction furnace technology. Machines are either single furnace integrated melting and casting or dual furnace with cathode melter feeding a holding furnace, depending on production output.

Continuous Casting Machines for Copper Wire & Cable Operating Costs

Rautomead have paid great attention to minimising the cost of operating the machine. Furnaces are totally enclosed and built up using high performance insulations to achieve minimum economic heat loss. Casting dies are inexpensive and may be changed individually

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About us

Company details

We are UK-based specialists in continuous casting of non-ferrous metals and construction of continuous casting equipment for copper, copper alloys, gold and silver.

For a period of over 30 years Rautomead Limited has specialised in the design, manufacture and sale of continuous casting equipment for non-ferrous metals and alloys. There are now more than 300 Rautomead machines in operation in over 45 different countries around the world.

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