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Xavier Garreau

Department head/group leader
Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

92-96 rue Paul Lescop
92000 Nanterre, France

+33 1 47211317

+33 1 47245492


Hervé Quillet

Department head/group leader
Production, quality control

92-96 rue Paul Lescop
92000 Nanterre, France

+33 1 47211317

+33 1 47245492


Vincent Garreau

Department head/group leader
Research, development, design

92/96 Rue Paul Lescop
92000 Nanterre, France

+33 1 47211317

+33 1 47245492


Jean-Pierre Contal

Department head/group leader
Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

92-96 rue Paul Lescop
92000 Nanterre, France




Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.02  Electric melting and holding furnaces (pouring equipment see 10.01)
  • 02.02.04  Melting and holding furnaces, electric resistance type

Melting and holding furnaces, electric resistance type

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.03  Fuel-heated melting and holding furnaces
  • 02.03.03  Rotary furnaces
  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.01  Refractory ramming mixtures

Refractory ramming mixtures

  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.02  Equipment for the lining of melting and pouring equipment
  • 03.02.01  Compaction apparatus for refractory ramming materials

Compaction apparatus for refractory ramming materials

  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.02  Equipment for the lining of melting and pouring equipment
  • 03.02.02  Spraying machines for refractory material

Spraying machines for refractory material

  • 14  Heat treating and drying furnaces
  • 14.04  Heat treating furnaces and installations

Heat treating furnaces and installations

Our products

Product category: Melting and holding furnaces, electric resistance type


For 10 years, SAS is developping it's own heating system with metallic, silicon carbid or MoSI2 elements in its Heat Treatment Furnaces or as spare parts.


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Product category: Rotary furnaces


Rotary furnaces    

T°C max : 1000 °C

Power : 1200 KW or 2000 KW / natural gas

Capacity : 2 or 8 tons

Application : recycling aluminum parts / aluminum melting



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Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

SF4, SF5, SF6

Acid and basic ramming mix for iron and steel melting.

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Product category: Compaction apparatus for refractory ramming materials

Pneumatic vibration system

Operating Instructions
Automatic vibrator for making use of core-less induction furnaces
1. Functional principle/technical data/maintenance
Functional principle
The vibrator operates with the knock effect. It has two three or four arms. There is an adjustable
vibrating unit on each arm.
The device is operated with compressed air and can be connected to compressed lines of at least 6 bar.
ATTENTION: small air couplings do not allow enough air through and thus the impact power of the
device is reduced.
Technical data
- Type K 60
- at 6 bar: air 780 l/min., vib/min. 2200, power N 1830, working torque cmkg 8.40
Protect the vibrator from dust and humidity, i.e. it should be covered when storing.
Put some oil into the air tube before each operation!
2. Setting the device
The guide tube of the vibrating unit is under the base plate. When delivered, the vibrating units are
drawn into the guide tube and are maintained in position with cotter pins, which sit at the end of the
guide tube.
To set the device, remove the cotter pins. The vibrating units move out. Then, loosen the screws located
at the top of the base plate (width 30 mm).
From the center of the device until the end of the vibrating unit from that the plunger protrudes, is the half
upper, largest cylinder diameter to be adjusted, by pushing and pulling the guide tubes accordingly. Now
tighten the screws.

3. Using the device
a- Always fill 2 – 3 cm³ oil into the air tube before each operation so that the pistons do not run dry
and there is no increased wear.
b- Then, connect the air tube with approximately 6 bar of operating pressure. Pay attention to the air
quantity, inner connection diameter is 8 mm.
c- Suspend the jolter in the crane, remove the safety bolt and adjust the jolter into the former.
d- Now, sink the vibrator until the beginning of the cone.
e- Open the air tap in the cone area, so that the device can be lowered further while operating.
f- The vibrator is now operated in terms of lived times.
Diameter of the former Time Shift
300 – 500 mm 30 – 40 Sec. 10 cm
500- 700 mm 40 – 60 Sec. 10 cm
700-1000 mm 1 – 1,5 Min. 10 cm
1000-1300 mm 1,5 – 2 Min. 10 cm
1300-1600 mm 2 – 2,5 Min. 15 cm
1600-2000 mm 3 – 3,5 Min. 15 cm
2000-2400 mm 3,5 – 4 Min. 15 cm
These shaking times are empirical values and no guideline.
g- The dry mass is basically compressed from bottom to top. Dry mass must be continuously added
during compression, with it is to consider that as little mass as possible falls onto the jolter.
h- The vibrating process ends approximately 20 cm from the top of the dry mass. As soon as the
device has reached this position, the dry mass has been sufficiently compresse

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Product category: Spraying machines for refractory material


Specific machines spraying refractory concretes or mixtures refractory ramming mixed with air. More information in the attached PDF.

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Product category: Heat treating furnaces and installations


To meet the specific needs of its customers, SAS manufactures for 25 years furnaces and complete processing lines that easily integrate into an existing manufacturing process with a good customers industrial environment understanding.

The diversity of SAS customers ( automotive, aerospace and aeronautics, mining or cosmetics industry) is a guaranty of knowledge and successful issue for you.

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About us

Company details

FOURS ET REFRACTAIRES S.A.S. S.A. was founded in the West of Paris suburban area in 1933 as a family business, producing special refractory for the, then popular, cast-iron-melting rotary furnaces.

Thanks to its founder Henri GARREAU, it managed to stay alive (only just !) during the Second World War and has, since grown steadily, producing an ever extending line of refractory, mostly sold to the Foundry Industry.

It has remained in its original status of a family owned company, the third generation of its founder being currently in charge.


As a “Société Anonyme” with a capital of 545 000 € it is known as a “very good credit” organization with a yearly turnover of 8 M € based on Domestic Sales (80%) and Export (20%) to EC, African, Near East and Far East Countries.


It includes High Silica (Coreless Furnaces).

Silica Alumina (Cupolas – Ladles, etc).

High Alumina (Induction Channel Furnaces, treatment ladles.

Spinel forming ramming mixes.

Ramming mixes containing Silicon carbide, Carbon, Zircon (Long campaign, Cupolas, EAFs, SG Converters, Heat treatment furnaces.

U.L.C.C. and L.C.C. Ultra Low and Low Cement Castable (pourable, pumpable, gunnable) also suitable for light alloy melting and holding furnaces.

Insulating materials (non-asbestos containing sheets, flexible mica sheets and rolls).

Ceramic fibre modules and blankets.

Refractory shapes for special applications (thermal shock, abrasion and corrosion resisting items).

Electric elements SiC, MoSi2, Fe Cr Al, NiCr.

S.A.S. offers its own Service Work teams for the application of its products in all types of vessels using all the current techniques such as ramming, casting, gunning, gun-creting wherever and whenever required.

S.A.S. builds and sells most placement equipments such as guns (its AUTOJET” are among the most sold gunning equipment in EC countries), and vibrators.

S.A.S. cures, dries and sinters all types of linings with state of the art heating and recording equipments.

S.A.S. builds third generation Heat Treatment furnaces equipped with sophisticated computerized controls. Melting furnaces for non ferrous alloys and special equipments for foundries.


It occupies a 15 acres facility in the Paris West Suburban area with road rail connection.

Its production equipment is widely automated and computerized amounting to 30.000 MT of various materials, bagged and palletized on automatic lines or big-bagged according to customers requirements.

Overseas Shipments are containerized and loaded to near-bye (200 km) Le Havre sea port.

The above figure does not include the quartzite based products (ramming – and patching – mixes) which are produced in a shared location in Spain, shipping from Bilbao or Castellon port.


Includes more than 30 people, including Sales Engineers visiting France, Belgium, Switzerland and North Africa.


Are located in Spain, Italy, Greece, Finland, Algeria, Morocco Egypt, Syria.


Includes the usual equipment for assuring Quality and Consistency of all materials and equipments R & D is conducted by Ceramic Engineers cooperation with a French University institute offering the most up-to date equipment facility.

S.A.S. has been ISO 9001 Certified since 1995 with a very satisfactory record of Quality AUDITS.


Include 98% of the French Foundry Industry and an ever increasing number in other countries where it ranks among the top refractory – suppliers.


Is proud of its effectiveness and its customers satisfaction for building and maintaining melting, holding and transport units.

Currently operates CAD units for designing multi-layer refractory linings with full Heat-flow calculation.

Although a small size company at the present moment,


Is proud of its past and confident in its future.


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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

max. 25%

Number of employees




Area of business
  • Melting shop
  • Refractory technology
  • Heat treating and drying furnaces
  • Control systems
  • Training, further education

Company information as a PDF file