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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.08  Steel and Iron
  • 01.08.01  Prime metallurgy
  •  Melting
  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.08  Steel and Iron
  • 01.08.01  Prime metallurgy
  •  Postheating


Our products

Product category: Melting

Induction Melting Furnaces

Engineering advances in the coreless medium frequency furnace have boosted induction melting rates in recent years. The development of static frequency converters has led to a number of benefits, including higher efficiency, improved reliability, minimum maintenance costs and lower capital investment. For the three main tasks of a foundry - melting, holding, pouring - ABP Induction offers induction furnace systems which are designed to guarantee the highest efficiency and economy required in today's modern foundry.

Each of our products and services is based on proven ABP Induction systems accompanied by reliable innovative products.

This is why our team, made up of process engineers, metallurgists and designers - in close cooperation with those responsible on site - always works out customized products and solutions for each of our customers, for each of his applications, for each of his requirements.

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Product category: Postheating

Power supplies

ABP offers for the power supply of their induction furnace systems converters using different technologies: thyristorized converters and IGBT converters.

The basic function of a converter system is to convert line frequency, three phase power from the utility network to a variable, load governed frequency that is appropriate for aparticular induction melting or heating load.

6, 12 or 24 pulse rectifiers are used in these converters. The pulse count refers to the number of current pulses drawn from the three phase utility network per cycle of line voltages. The greater the number of pulses per cycle, the smoother the current will be. Smoother current helps to avoid harmonic distortion of the utility line voltage. Low distortion of the line voltage is necessary to avoid problems with other equipment connected to the utility lines.

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About us

Company details


In over 100 years of serving the metal casting and forging industries, our enthusiasm for molten metal has always bee strong.

What began 1903 with the first channel induction furnace from ASEA, continued in 1988 with the merger of ASEA and BBC - their knowledge and know-how - into the company ABB. With these roots the Foundry Systems Business of ABB became ABP Induction in the year 2005 as an independent, world wide operating company.

In 2008 ABP Induction LLC merged with the Pillar Induction Group – another expert in induction melting and heating – thereby adding further sites in the USA and China. This merger has turned the ABP Induction Group into one of the global leaders in the industry and will successfully continue the tradition of its predecessors.

The ABP Induction Group today focuses on sales and service in all major industrial regions from 10 locations around the globe: Germany, Sweden, Russia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, Thailand, Japan.


Dr. Wolfgang Andree, Bernd Bartelheimer, Paul Decker

Number of employees

ABP Induction employs 170 people in Germany and 361 people worldwide.

Production range

Our production range includes induction systems for melting, pouring and holding ferrous and non-ferrous metals, heated and unheated pouring furnaces, inductive heating equipment for forming, heat treatment and hardening as well as modern control technology.

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