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Anja Rek

Senior head of department
Marketing, sales, advertising, PR

Stegne 21c
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

+386 1 5112011

+386 1 5112011


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.08  Steel and Iron
  • 01.08.03  Heat treating
  •  Hardening


  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.08  Steel and Iron
  • 01.08.03  Heat treating
  •  Quenching
  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.08  Steel and Iron
  • 01.08.05  Surface hardening
  •  Induction hardening
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.03  Handling and transmission technology
  • 03.03.04  Other Handling and transmission equipment

Other Handling and transmission equipment

Our products

Product category: Quenching

Quench Hardening Stations

Quench Hardening Stations

Automated customised quench hardening stations with motorised conveyors, an automated pumping system, automated protective clamps, automated racks for soft lay-down of parts, loading/unloading and a PLC/CNC control system ... with everything tailored to your needs.


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Product category: Quenching

Quench Tanks

Quench Tanks

Custom-made quench tanks are tailored to the metal parts to provide uniform cooling and quenching which is enabled through appropriate tank construction and sufficient agitation close to all surfaces of the parts.

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Product category: Induction hardening

Vertical Dual-Frequency Induction Hardening Machine

Customised Induction Hardening

• Custom-engineered turnkey solutions for induction hardening tailored to the specific requirements of the client. Induction hardening systems are developed and optimised for maximum effectiveness.

• Loading/unloading and PLC/CNC control system tailored to your needs

• Applications: induction hardening of large-sized, massive and specific parts, bearing ring raceways (for outside diameters up to 4000 mm), gear teeth on the inner and outer diameter of large bearing rings, roll necks...

BIKS 830 Vertical Dual-Frequency Induction Hardening Machine

Induction hardening machine for inductive surface hardening of rolls with a diameter from 250 to 830 mm. Induction frequency is continuously variable and therefore several case depths are possible, up to 60 mm. The machine has two inductor coils which operate simultaneously, each with its own frequency, one with a high frequency (250 Hz - 1000 Hz) and another with a low frequency (50 Hz -100 Hz) and thus a longer period of heating is enabled, more power is delivered and larger hardening depths are achieved. Due to these characteristics, the machine also enables the rehardening of used rolls and the preheating of rolls (before that the water must be transferred from the upper to the lower tank).

Hardening depths up to 60 mm (by 5% chromium tool steels), with uniformity of hardness in the range +/- 2 HRC



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Product category: Induction hardening

Cryogenic Chambers

Cryogenic Chambers for Additional Hardening after Induction Hardening

The cryogenic chambers are designed for improving the quality of the hardened layer after the induction hardening. The cooling treatment (cooling temperature of -150˚C) of hardened large rolls is used to provide a uniform distribution of the martensite, a uniform hardened surface (no soft zones, no pitting) and greater hardness (additional + 2 HRC) and wear resistance of the material.

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Product category: Other Handling and transmission equipment


Customised Conveying Systems

Conveyors for heavy pieces (hot forgings) in the steel industry:
• thermally isolated (the motor does not overheat);
• inbuilt spring supports for safe and easy lay-down and positioning of heavy forgings.

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Product category: Other Handling and transmission equipment

Load Handling Devices

Load Handling Devices - Tongs and Grabs

Custom-designed load hadling devices for steel works, mills and other heavy industries. Automatic mechanical or motorised tongs, turning tongs etc. 


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Product category: Other Handling and transmission equipment

Customised Gear Boxes

Customised gear boxes for heavy mechanizations

Customised gear boxes made for a wide variety of applications, including for use in special workplaces and extreme conditions.

ATEX-Explosion Protected Gear Box for the use in methane pit

Technical data:

Type: 500 RP
Power: 500 kW
T2: 93.7 kNm
n1/n2: 1000/1800 / 41/73 rpm
i: 24.581
LxWxH: 2164x822x764 mm

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About us

Company details

SALUS d.o.o. is a mechanical engineering company for:

  • conceiving ideas, design, development, construction and manufacturing relating to production lines, machines, devices, equipment and components of industrial production;
  • project management with relevant experience in various fields, especially mechanical engineering and machine construction;
  • implementing projects from concept to completion (turnkey contracts) enabled by long-standing partnerships (over 20 years) with many experts and companies with whom we have developed very co-operation and synergistic effects, thereby achieving the best results.

More than 250 employees work in our partner companies. When required, we bring top experts from various fields into a project who are otherwise also active in research and university institutes.

Our products are custom-designed to meet the end-user's expectations and specific needs.

We are qualified for:

  • preparing everything from the concept to implementation (turnkey solutions);
  • completing complex projects;
  • resolving technological problems;
  • assembly and start-up;
  • general repairs, renovations and revamping of machines;
  • Electronic Design and Programming; and
  • Machining.

Technologies and products:










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