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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 07  Plant and equipment for shaping of steel
  • 07.21  Components, ancillary equipment

Components, ancillary equipment

  • 08  Plant and systems for shaping of non-ferrous metals
  • 08.09  Components, ancillary equipment

Components, ancillary equipment

  • 13  Miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills
  • 13.03  Power transmission engineering, including fluid technology

Power transmission engineering, including fluid technology

  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.10  Pumps, Blowers and Fans
  • 03.10.05  Other Pumps

Our products

Product category: Components, ancillary equipment

Descale Pumps & Descaling Systems

To produce top-quality hot rolled products hydro mechanical descaling is essential and the trend toward high pressure descaling using water at pressures of 200 – 400 bar has now become the standard.

Most modern descaling systems recycle the descale water and so they encounter problems due to the accumulation of residual iron oxide particles in the medium. Even with the best filtration, using settlement basins and sand filters, some residue remains in the process water. This residue presents quite a challenge for conventional high pressure pumps, subjecting their packings to significant wear.

The AXIFLEX pistons used in the HYDROWATT pump are by their hermetic design resistant against this scale residue because there is simply no friction process involved.

HYDROWATT together with their partners, manufacture not only high pressure pump stations, they also design and supply complete descaling systems, with spray hood and headers. If required we can even provide automatic spray bar height adjustment.

Advantages of the HYDROWATT Descale Pumps:

  • by design AXIFLEX pistons are resistant to abrasive particles
  • the HYDROWATT’s compact footprint makes it ideal for replacing existing systems
  • its easy and quick maintenance means no hoisting equipment is required
  • extremely low flow pulsation protects all downstream components

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Product category: Other Pumps

High-Pressure Radial Piston Pumps

HYDROWATT pumps are generally designed for pressures up to a max. of 415 bar (6000 PSI). The wide range of pump sizes, with 5, 7, 10 or 14 pistons, means that an equally broad flow range is available, from approx. 20 – 800 litre/min (5 – 200 US-gpm).

The pressure medium is hermetically separated from the drive lubricant, allowing high piston speeds. Ultimately this is what has allowed us to build this high-speed (drive motor speed), high pressure pump.

All pumps are coupled directly to an electric motor with no gear box between.

The standard speed ranges are: 1500 rpm (at 50 Hz) or 1800 rpm (at 60 Hz). All pumps can also be operated at variable speed (VFD).

All HYDROWATT pumps are designed for heavy industrial use in continuous 24/7 operation.

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Product category: Other Pumps

Pumps for Forging & Extrusion Presses

Forging and extrusion presses using water hydraulics have significant technical advantages over those operating on oil: environment-friendly, no rebuild of oil contaminated floors, no fire protection devices necessary, faster and more accurate positioning, etc.

Besides supplying new systems we also undertake upgrades on existing water supply systems for presses.
In the upgrade market the HYDROWATT, with its compact radial piston design, is the ideal replacement pump. With an effective displacement of up to 800 litre/min at 320 bar and 1800 rpm it is exceptionally competitive.

Advantages of the HYDROWATT High-Pressure Piston Pumps:

  • efficient: quick and easy to maintain
  • maintenance-friendly: Work can be done without hoisting equipment
  • space-saving: very compact radial design, ideal for change out with existing pumping systems
  • tough, the short eccentric drive shaft is supported at both ends by robust, force lubricated main bearings
  • no multi-throw crankshaft and no gear box to service
  • low flow pulsation protects downstream components in entire press hydraulic system

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About us

Company details

HYDROWATT specializes in the development and manufacture of hermetically sealed, high-pressure radial piston pumps. The development of this remarkable pump in the late 80’s, effectively raised the bar in the field of water hydraulics technology.

For the past 25 years now, HYDROWATT has been supplying the steel industry with these extremely reliable high-pressure pumps. Typical pressures range from 200 to 415 bar and flow rates from 20 to 800 litre/min.

Main applications are descaling and power supply for water hydraulic driven forging and extrusion presses.

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