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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.01  Precious Metals
  • 01.01.01  Melting


  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.01  Precious Metals
  • 01.01.02  Heat treating

Heat treating

  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.05  Hard Metals
  • 01.05.05  Vacuum sintering

Vacuum sintering

  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.05  Hard Metals
  • 01.05.06  Sintering


  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.07  Non-ferrous metals
  • 01.07.03  Casting


  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.07  Non-ferrous metals
  • 01.07.09  Melting
  •  Other
  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.07  Non-ferrous metals
  • 01.07.15  Other thermal processes

Other thermal processes

  • 01  Industrial Furnaces, Industrial Heat Treatment Plants and thermal processes for
  • 01.08  Steel and Iron
  • 01.08.01  Prime metallurgy
  •  Other thermal processes

Other thermal processes

  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.02  Heating
  • 03.02.01  Electric heating devices
  •  Resistance heating devices

Resistance heating devices

  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.02  Heating
  • 03.02.13  Graphite and carbon shapes
  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.05  Furnace engineering materials
  • 03.05.03  Other furnace engineering materials

Other furnace engineering materials

  • 03  Componentes, equipment and other supplies
  • 03.11  Molten metal processing equipment
  • 03.11.04  Crucibles


Our products

Product category: Melting


Flexible Protection

Carbon carbon composites materials used in furnace applications have a number of properties that are suited to the environment in and around furnaces. They are light, rigid and able to retain (and even increase) their strength at high temperatures. These properties are useful when considering applications such as furnace carriers, where components needing heat treatment have to be transported into and out of, or even through the furnace.

For certain applications a more flexible material with the strength of a composite is required. The options for a flexible material were, until now, were limited to Graphite Foil. This material, whilst very flexible, is easily torn or punctured either during handling or in situ in the furnace.

At Tokai Carbon we have now developed a flexible version of our popular cc composite, Tokarec, a material we call TokarecFlex. Made from carbon fibre reinforced 100% carbon sheet the product is flexible enough to be able to fit into a 60mm ø space/hole without cracking.

Initial testing suggests that TokarecFlex can be an effective material that helps reduce the effect of oxygen on a graphite surface according to tests performed in our laboratory. A graphite tube was placed inside a furnace with an oxidising atmosphere with the inside surface protected (in part) by TokarecFlex.

The conditions inside the furnace were as follows:

Temperature – 850oC

Atmosphere – Oxygen

Time – 1.5 hrs

Graphite tube – 110/100mm x 120mm long


When the surface roughness of the graphite tube was examined and measured it was found that the majority of the protection was afforded by TokarecFlex. However, as TokarecFlex is permeable to gases, graphite foil was added to afford a little more protection. The difficulty with the graphite foil was that it could only be used on its own if it was fixed in some way to the surface of the graphite tube. In this case the tube surface was further damaged but the Tokarec Flex needed no fixing as it naturally wanted to open out and therefore press itself against the tube.

Our Tokarec product has very low impurities that allow it to be used in chemically sensitive processes where the introduction of contaminants must be kept to an absolute minimum. TokarecFlex is exactly the same with impurities less than 20ppm.

Graphite foil, on the other hand, can have as much as 1000ppm impurities contained within the product. This could mean that in some furnaces there should be “dummy” runs or burn out cycles performed prior to actually running the heating/processing cycle for real. This is an avoidable expense if the lining product needs no outgassing, as is the case with TokarecFlex.

The physical properties have been measured and can be seen in this table. A feature of the material is the high strength value despite the thickness of the sheet.

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Product category: Heat treating

SiC Coated Graphite

There are two methods by which the Graphite is ‘coated’; CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) and CVI (Chemical Vapour Impregnation). These treatments transform the Graphite surface to SiC so the ‘coating’ expands and contracts with the Graphite and therefore largely eliminates cracking and spalling. This leads to longer life and increased durability. These materials were primarily designed for semiconductor production but their use in other industries is actively being researched.


Excellent Thermal and Physical Shock Resistance

Excellent Chemical Resistance

Super High Purity

Usable under Oxidising Conditions



Susceptors for Epitaxy

Susceptors for CVD


Components for CZ single crystal pullers

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Product category: Other


EDM Plunger Filters

Tokai Carbon Europe stock a wide selection of different EDM plunger Filters to fit a variety of Die Sinking Machines.

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Product category: Other


  • Low to medium viscosity giving low refridgeration properties and high thermal conduction.
  • Constant performance even over long operating periods.
  • Rapid dispersion and ease of filtering.
  • Helps prevent burnt out pit marks.
  • Optimum visibility in the spark gap.
  • No nasty fumes.
  • Almost totally odourless
  • Meets or surpasses the most stringent requirements of all principal EDM machines.
  • Higher levels of refinement means non-toxic, no dry skin, no carcinogenic fumes as it is a fully synthetic product thus free from the natural impurities of other dielectric oils.
  • Brilliant mirror finish achievable.
  • Dramatic reduction in evaporation even at higher operating amps/temperatures, reductions of 5-7 times over conventional dielectric oils.
  • Manufactured in the EEC to full EEC standards and regulations.
  • Available in 25 litre or 205 litre.


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Product category: Other



Copper is recommended for wired electrodes, highly detailed engraved electrodes and parts that require a polished finish.


Telco is recommended as a machinable alternative to pure copper and is highly recommended for use on newer power supplies and imported EDM machines designed to work best with copper.

Copper Tungsten

Copper Tungsten is recommended for intricate cavities and deep slots where limited flushing exists. For use on exotic materials.

Tungsten Wire

More resistant to wear than any other material. Tungsten wire is mostly used for fine hole drilling.

Tungsten Carbide Tubes

Extreme high density, strength and high melting point make tungsten carbide an excellent choice for eroding production holes where electrode wear is a factor.

Silver Tungsten

The high conductivity of silver means the smallest current can be carried, giving negligable spark gap, fine surface finishes and the highest possible accuracy.

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Product category: Resistance heating devices

CC Composite

Tokarec is a CC composite material with a strong carbon fibre and carbon matrix. This composite has excellent mechanical properties and is suitable for a wide range of high temperature applications.

Tokai Carbon has developed a new material based on Tokarec that is flexible, TokarecFlex


High Specific Strength and High Specific Modulus

Excellent Heat and Thermal Shock Resistance

Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Low Thermal Conductivity

High Purity

High Strength to Weight Ratio


Components for Single and Multi Crystal Pullers

Structural Parts for Heat Treatment Furnaces


Jigs and Fixtures

Carriers for Silicon Solar Wafers

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Product category: Graphite and carbon shapes

Moulded Graphite

Moulded Graphite is made in a similar press to Isotropic but it is only pressed in one direction and hence the properties vary in a similar way to Extruded Graphite. These grades are usually lower strength, large grain and lower hardness.

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Product category: Graphite and carbon shapes

Extruded Graphite

Extruded Graphite is formed into blocks or rounds in the green state¿ by pushing through an extrusion press. The properties therefore vary if measured across or with the grain structure. These grades have a medium density, medium grain size and low specific resistance.

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Product category: Graphite and carbon shapes

Isotropic Graphite

The uses for Graphite have increased over the years and now many items that we encounter each day have, at some point, come into contact with Graphite products somewhere in the production life cycle.

The method of production determines the type of properties in the Graphite:

Isotropic Graphite are produced in a mould and pressed equally from all sides. In this case the properties are Isotropic-the same in all directions. These grades are high density, fine grain, strong and high hardness. Tokai produces HK grades for EDM applications and G grades for general applications.

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Product category: Other furnace engineering materials

Solid SiC

Solid SiC, developed by our unique technology, is a super high purity SiC made by a Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process.


Super High Purity
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Very Little Metal Diffusion
No Outgassing
Theoretical Density (-SiC)


Wafer Carriers
Susceptors, Dummy Wafer
Guide Rings
Parts for Etching Process
CVD Process, etc.


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Product category: Other furnace engineering materials

Glassy Carbon

Glassy Carbon is a type of highly impermeable carbon, with the appearance of glass and having unique properties not found in carbon and graphite materials. It has an amorphous structure, does not generate particles and is impervious to gases.

Tokai Carbon Group was the first carbon company to develop this material using some innovative methods and materials.


Low Apparent Density

Excellent Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

High resistance to various aggressive chemicals

No particle generation or outgassing

High Resistance to Thermal Shock

High Mechanical Strength

Completely impervious to gases



Wafer Holders, Heat Reflectors, Susceptors & Guide Rings

Gas Diffusers for Plasma Etching

Cleaning Process Materials

Dummy Wafers

Crucibles, Protection Tubes & Glass Mould Materials

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About us

Company details

Tokai Carbon is a world leading manufacturer of Isotropic, Extruded
and Molded Graphite and High Quality CC composite, for use in many
high temperature applications. These products are available as raw
material or machined parts, from our many facilities in Europe.

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