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Product categories

  • 02  Melting shop
  • 02.06  Operating materials and supplies for the melting shop
  • 02.06.02  Slag-forming additives

Slag-forming additives

  • 04  Metallic charge materials
  • 04.01  Charge materials for iron, steel and malleable iron casting
  • 04.01.05  Inoculants


  • 04  Metallic charge materials
  • 04.01  Charge materials for iron, steel and malleable iron casting
  • 04.01.06  Nodularizing additions for spheroidal graphite cast iron

Nodularizing additions for spheroidal graphite cast iron

Our products

Product category: Slag-forming additives


Metallurgical silicon carbide is used for alloys, deoxidation and pre-treatment in cast iron and steel, and is manufactured exclusively by ESD-SIC bv. Metallurgical silicon carbide is available in the following forms:

E-METSIC: for the production of SiC briquettes for kupol furnaces, typically with a silicon carbide content of 35%, 45%, 60%, 75% or 85%.

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Product category: Nodularizing additions for spheroidal graphite cast iron

Production Process

ESD-SIC manufactures silicon carbide (SiC) from the raw materials sand and petroleum coke. Sand and coke are mixed in the correct proportions to create a reactive material. From this mix, a material pile, i.e. a furnace, is built (about 3500 tonnes). In the centre of this furnace is a core of graphite, which serves as an electric conductor. The furnace is covered with a plastic film to capture the gases forming during the production process, to desulphurise them and to reuse them for energy production.

The graphite core is connected to a transformer and a voltage is applied. Due to the electric resistance, the core of the furnace reaches a temperature of about 2500oC. At this temperature, the sand and coke decompose, and crystalline SiC is formed. This intense heating of the furnace requires large amounts of electricity, so that this is a very energy-intensive process.

Silicon carbide is a substance which is used among others as a grating and grinding agent, as a heat-resistant material in applications including soot filters for diesel engines, and as an additive to cast iron.

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About us

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"Being a transparent and innovative company ESD-SIC strives to achieve complete customer satisfaction by means of a socially responsible way of producing high-quality silicon carbide in an extreme environmentally friendly and efficient manner."

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