Saint-Gobain IndustrieKeramik Rödental GmbH

Postfach 11 44, 96466 Rödental
Oeslauerstr. 35, 96472 Rödental
Telephone +49 9563 724-0
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.01  Refractory ramming mixtures
  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.02  Refractory bricks
  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.03  Refractory gating system parts
  • 03  Refractories technology
  • 03.01  Refractory materials and products, insulating materials
  • 03.01.04  Insulating materials and products

Insulating materials and products

Our products

Product category: Refractory ramming mixtures

VA 121, VA 122, CK130, VK131, CK 1061, PA 452 CA 333, CA 337

Saint-Gobain is since 50 years world wide leader in dry vibration market for Induction Furnaces.

Other Pruductnames like CastRefrax, Christaram, Corram, Chromcor, Zirchrom, SiC 85P, Coral FB, BR 501
and the wide range of mortars used at Aluminium-, Copper-, Brass-, Zink-, Iron and Steel-, Chemical and Petrochemical-, Energyíe and Cement- and Lime Industry.

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Product category: Refractory gating system parts

Monocoral, Coranit, Sicanit, Refrax, Alfrax, Sicram, Coram

Special Information for Blast Furnace Lining

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Product category: Insulating materials and products

Norfoam, RI 33, RI 34, Alfrax 90 IC, CA 333

Saint-Gobain has a higher temperature use limit as compared to most other insulating materials – this higher “refractoriness” will enable the operator to work at higher temperature levels than currently enabled with existing materials - ultimately higher temperature operation will enable the benefits of increased process yields via efficiency gains – additionally there is the potential for lower process emissions when operating at higher temperature.

Low Post Shrinkage extremely low levels of post shrinkage upon exposure to operating temperatures as compared to fibrous materials which are susceptible to crystallization and ensuing shrinkage. Excessive post shrinkage of insulating linings can cause operational issues such as hot spots on the wall of the kiln creating inefficient operation and potentially leading to vessel damage.

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About us

Company details

Saint-Gobain is the right Innovation Partner for High Performance Refractories and Engineered Ceramic

Blast furnace linings
World Leader in the design and supply of Blast Furnaces linings and Cast House Refractories.
Pioneer of Ceramic Cup technology to extend hearth and BF campaigns. Famous products include Coranit®, Sicanit®AL3, Refrax®20 SBF, Monocoral®.

Steel plant
ASC linings for pig iron, transfer ladles like Alfrax® 75; AL 100; MagCarbon bricks for Converter, RH/DH, LF, EAF for south America market. COMBAT Boron Nitride grades are used where non-wetting and corrosion-resistance are needed, specifically as break rings for horizontal continuous casters and side dams for twin-roll thin strip casting.

Reheating and rolling mill furnaces
Fused cast materials, Magmalox, for fixed hearts, Fireproof Materials for abrasion and isolation

Insulation materials
Used where thermal, chemical and mechanical characteristics are demand like Chemistry industry. Burner, nozzles, launders. Produkts like Alfrax 90®; RI 33; RI 34 Norfoam® with low thermal conductivity contrary to the standard qualities.

Aluminum redaction Cells
Nitride bound side panels from SiC materials Refrax® AnnaSicon® Cryston® and Advancal® with longer service lives than conventional blocks.

Non Ferrous
Melting and Holding Furnaces for Alu- , Copper- and Zink industry with High Alumina bricks and Mixes and oxide or nitride bonded SiC bricks such as Alfrax®; Refrax®, Annasicon®, Cryston®; Advancer®, Hexoloy® as compromise to optimal cost achievement for refractory linings. Primary Cooper and Lead production with special Magnesia-Chrome Fused cast material like C-104.

Induction furnace linings
Dry vibration mixes like VA 112 ,VA 126, VK 130 , VK 131 and hydraulically bound isolating castables like CA 333 for the covers. High Alumina Mixes PA 452 or TA 102 as well as CA 337 or CA 339 for coil and VA 112 A, VK130 , VK131 for inductor. Norflow® selflow and Norfast® fast firing products as well as SGP plastic mixes are completing the product offer.

Degassing rotors, trough, launder, nozzles, stopper, immersion tube for indirect heating. Alfrax®; Refrax®, Annasicon®, Cryston®; Advancer®, Hexoloy®.
COMBAT boron nitride coatings are used to prevent corrosion, sticking and skull formation in all secondary light-metal contact areas.
COMBAT BN solids are used as nozzles for metal powder atomization for all alloys.
COMBAT Boron Nitride powders are used for non-sticking in Al extrusion

Engineered Ceramics
Silit® SK and Advancer® for energy and environment, abrasion, ceramic fibers protection, as well kiln furniture. Based on Siliconcarbide.
Combat Boron Nitride materials are used where high temperatures (up to 2000C), extreme electrical insulation, complex shapes/tight tolerances due to machinability, high thermal conductivity with low thermal expansion (thermal shock-proof) all combine to solve the most severe applications

Abrasion resist Refractories
Er 1681, ER 1711, Jargal SD, Hexoloy,

Keramische Systeme
F0r energy and environment, fire protection and against abrasion.

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