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  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.03  Testing of materials and workpieces
  • 19.03.05  X-ray testing equipment

X-ray testing equipment

  • 19  Measurement and test technology
  • 19.06  Quality control

Our products

Product category: X-ray testing equipment

Metal-ceramic X-ray tubes

YXLON X-ray tubes for non-destructive material testing.

  • Accurately fitting solution for any application
  • Reliable
  • Long lifespan

YXLON offers a broad spectrum of metal-ceramic X-ray tubes. Unipolar X-ray tubes in the voltage classes from 100 kV to 225 kV are optimized to inspect weakly absorbent materials such as aluminum, plastics or thin-walled steel parts. The X-ray tubes in the voltage classes 320 kV, 450 kV and 600 kV are utilized during the inspection of solid components, dense materials and when conducting computed tomography. With a maximum voltage of 600 kV, the Y.TU600-D01 X-ray tube is suitable for scanning particularly solid components. Together with an YXLON line detector, the Y.TU600-D01 is the best X-ray tube for CT.

Special X-ray tubes are available for a large number of specifications. With its small construction design and optimized cooling, Y.TU120-T01 is ideally suited for tire inspection, whereas Y.TU160-P01, a 360° panorama X-ray tube, has been designed especially for inspecting circumferential welds.

Together with constant-voltage X-ray systems from YXLON, productive and capable X-ray systems set standards in reliability and useful lifespans.

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Product category: Quality control

Y.CT Modular

Y.CT Modular - Discover the difference in flexibility

Scalable, high-power and high-resolution computed tomography (CT) inspection system for maximum application range

  • Covers the widest inspection range
  • Create your custom-designed system with up to two tubes and two types of detectors
  • Special features like laminography or helical CT for homogenous images and increased detail visibility

Is your application spectrum very diverse? Are you looking for an-round CT inspection system to do scans of very small to large test items? Opt for maximum flexibility and upgradeability with Y.CT Modular. Configure your system with up to two tubes and two types of detectors according to your exact inspection requirements.

A double detector, double tube array allows you to test an extraordinary spectrum ranging from measuring small electromechanical components ti the analysis of large cast parts or even big cultural artifacts. Count on the high penetration power of the 600 kV X-ray tube and on the magnification capabilities of the microfocus X-ray tube.

The rock solid granite manipulator makes Y.CT Modular very precise, durable, warp-resistant and temperature-independent.

Helical CT omits the need for image stitching and creates more accuracy for tall parts. The new laminography technique precisely displays details which can’t be distinguished in 2D industrial X-ray images. You can easily X-ray non-rotatable flat parts.

YXLON’s software tool box automatically reduces ring artifacts in your CT scans right at the source. Increase your efficiency by testing a higher combination of parts in one run.

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Product category: Quality control

YXLON FF20 CT - Precision at its finest

The YXLON FF20 CT system makes it possible to achieve the best inspection results at the highest resolution. This industrial computed tomography system is ideally suited for inspecting small-scale electronics components. Simple operation is enabled for all types of users, from the occasional to an experienced expert, due to its innovative system intelligence.

  • Ultimate 3D insight into minute structures
  • Smart-touch operation for multiple user profiles
  • Time saving remote monitoring and push Messages

The industrial computed tomography system from YXLON entitled FF20 CT has been developed for applications in research & development, defect analysis, process monitoring and CT metrology, for instance as found in semiconductor packaging, materials science & engineering, microsystems and medical technology.

The high resolution of the brand-new YXLON FXE 160 kV FeinFocus transmission tube with internal water cooling combined with the system’s extraordinary precision provides the ultimate in 3D insights into the tiniest structures of electronics parts or miniaturized assemblies and modules. Due to the simple operation involved, both rapid ‘overview’ scans and high-resolution ROI scans can be performed quickly and effectively. The integrated field-of-view extension makes this possible for larger CT volumes, too.

The FF20 CT system is equipped with the new, innovative YXLON Geminy software and two monitors that allow easy and intuitive smart-touch operation of the computer tomography system. Various predefined user profiles make it possible for any user – from an occasional operator to an experienced expert – to achieve optimum inspection results. The operator can monitor the inspection at a distance with the help of remote monitoring and push messages, and is notified by the system as well, for example when an inspection is completed. This means a direct time savings for the operator in everyday inspection work.

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About us

Company details

Leading supplier for industrial X-ray and CT systems

YXLON International is an innovative High-Tech company, rich in great traditions.

Founded in spring 1998, YXLON International is the direct successor to Andrex (Denmark), Philips Industrial X-Ray (Germany) and LumenX (USA/Ohio). With its headquaters in Hamburg (Germany), one other location in Germany (Hattingen), subsidiaries in Denmark, Japan and the USA, and two offices in China and a tight net of representatives, YXLON International today is a worldwide leading supplier for industrial X-ray and CT based non-destructive testing systems and services.

Whether in pipe-and vessel construction, the automotive, electronics, aerospace or other industry, YXLON International is - based on its long experience - offering X-ray and CT solutions, which fit in any manufacturing process to guarantee highest quality and safety standards for industrial products.

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