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Product category: Components, ancillary equipment

CDP // ACTIVE protection against abrasion and erosion

With more than 100 years experience in welding and wear protection, Castolin Eutectic is the manufacturer of the widest range of wearplates today on the market in terms of base materials, sizes, coating alloys, and welding processes adopted. From simple Chromium Carbide rich overlays, applied in open arc, to sophisticated NiCrBSi powders additioned with Tungsten Carbides and fused in a vacuum furnace or by means of Plasma Transferred Arc, we have developed a wide choice of products.

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Product category: Components, ancillary equipment

Sinter crusher // MAXIMUM wear protection

Steel crusher wear issue

In steel plants, equipment that processes sinter at very high temperature is exposed to
severe wear conditions. In particular, sinter crusher that has to ensure large throughput
must be wear-protected in order to avoid expensive maintenance and frequent
plant shutdowns. Maintenance Managers agree that standard solutions available on
the market are not sufficient for their needs; rotors and breaker bars must regularly be
replaced with new ones.
The insufficient wear resistance of the standard solutions is due to three main factors:

• the sinter high temperature that reduces the hardfacing characteristics,
• the sinter abrasive nature that wears-out the parts,
• the high impacts that destroy brittle hardfacings.

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Product category: Components, ancillary equipment

LaserClad // MAXIMUM Protection, precisely

Laser Cladding Services and Powder Manufacturing

The arrival of High Power Direct Diode (HPDD) laser technology a few years ago started to drastically change the landscape of hardfacing. The HPDD technology was able to maintain its high power efficiency and quality, whilst dramatically reducing the cladding time and cost. With the introduction of the first 8KW HPDD laser in Europe by Castolin, the full advantages of this breakthrough can now be exploited. To date, 4 diode LaserClad units are installed within Castolin Eutectic premises globally. Our offer includes laser coating serices (deposition of thick coatings, on large parts, precision cladding with thin coatings on small parts, repair and maintainence of industrial parts, R&D support for novel materials), manufacturing of Laser Cladding powders and fully automated and integrated laser cladding facilities.

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Product category: Components, ancillary equipment

BTC // MAXIMUM Protection against flue gas

Fume hood exhaust systems are exposed to intense erosive and/or corrosive wear. Their internal walls are subjected to impact of erosive particles carried at high speed by the high temperature flue gas.
In some applications, the flue gas is also corrosive.

Castolin Eutectic has developed the BTC solutions which limit the erosion and/or corrosion processes thanks to a special metallurgical and chemical system.

● Coating technology only available through our CastoLab® Services workshops
● The BTC Solutions are easy to apply either on-site or in our workshops

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Castolin Eutectic is a worldwide leader of application solutions in maintenance, repair and wear protection. More than 100 years of experience in welding, brazing and thermal spraying technologies stand for professional and innovative solutions. Castolin Eutectic is your partner with industrial expertise in surface protection, repair and joining solutions.

We employ more than 1,500 people worldwide in over 100 countries. Our motto is: Quality, Service and Technical Leadership = Customer Value Added.

More than 700 application specialists care for you all over the world. Their tasks: helping you to improve the lifetime of machinery and equipment, to save resources, and to provide solutions for your needs.

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