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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Metallic charge materials
  • 04.01  Charge materials for iron, steel and malleable iron casting
  • 04.01.03  Ferro-alloys


  • 04  Metallic charge materials
  • 04.01  Charge materials for iron, steel and malleable iron casting
  • 04.01.04  Alloying metals, master alloys

Alloying metals, master alloys

  • 04  Metallic charge materials
  • 04.02  Charge materials for non-ferrous metal castings
  • 04.02.06  Alloying metals, master alloys

Alloying metals, master alloys

Our products

Product category: Ferro-alloys

Ferro alloys

Used as a master alloy for stainless steel productions, our ferro alloys are the distinctive prerequisite to fulfil the quality demands of your final products. It is therefore important to deliver the products in an unvarying, high-quality standard. We can guarantee this at any time based on our products (in part from inhouse productions), by applying state-of-the-art analysis methods and by cooperating with recognized independent sample companies. You can rely on the competent consultations provided by our employees, who - in cooperation with you - will create a solution tailored to your requirements.

Our product range includes the following ferro alloys, which we can deliver just-in-time and in the required packagings and sizes. Of course, exact weighings and analyses are part of each delivery. Based on our state-of-the-art equipment, we are also in a position to deliver our products in required sizes for powder metallurgy.
Products overview:

From our inhouse production:

  • ferro-molybdenum
  • ferro-chromium
  • ferro-titanium


  • ferro-niobium
  • ferro-tungsten
  • ferro-phosphorus
  • ferro-nickel
  • ferro-vanadium

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Product category: Alloying metals, master alloys

Super- and special alloys

CRONIMET’s rapidly expanding High Temperature and Aerospace Alloy Division deals with the preparation and processing of super alloys and refractory metals which in turn are used in the manufacture of products for the aerospace, defense, chemical, and medical industries, as well as electrical engineering technologies.

To be able to supply these industries and to meet their stringent quality demands requires optimum knowledge in the preparation and processing of these raw materials. Each piece is stored, analyzed, graded, and upon request is crushed to customers specifications, and for consumption in modern vacuum furnaces the material is cleaned in shot blasters or acid leaching tanks. The products leave CRONIMET’s plant with a purity level comparable only to that offered in a primary raw material.

A high grade of flexibility and an economical organisation allows us to also meet exceptional customer demands at short notice.

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Product category: Alloying metals, master alloys

High-speed steel scrap

High-speed steels or abbreviated HSS are special alloys, which provide high hardness and abrasion resistance. Tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt and chromium are the main alloys in HSS on an iron basis. HSS steels are mainly used for the following applications: drills, milling tools, drag bits, threaders and cutting inserts.

CRONIMET is one of the largest processors of HSS and has extensive experience in this area. Our employees are familiar with the different qualities and can address your individual requirements. This means that you can take advantage of CRONIMET's positive market position. We cover the customer as well as the supplier side and guarantee optimal results for you.

Please review the following pages, which show the opportunities that CRONIMET offers you as a supplier as well as a buyer.

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