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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 11  Measurement and test technology
  • 11.01  Measurement of physical properties and quantities
  • 11  Measurement and test technology
  • 11.02  Quality control

Quality control

Our products

Product category: Measurement of physical properties and quantities

Layer Thickness Measurement

Paint Layer Thickness

The measurement of the paint layer thickness is realized with synchronized measuring positions for primer and finisher. The used system is based on the Isotope backscattering method. Depending on the application the actual wet and dry values will be recorded over the whole strip width with traversing systems. The values will be evaluated and used for the controlling of the painting process or storied for quality assurance. The properties of different paint specifications can be stored in the measuring system.

Zinc layer thickness

The operation close to the lower coating limit is requirement for the profitable operation of coating lines and especially of galvanizing lines. MESACON isotope backscattering and X-ray fluorescence based layer thickness gauges provide all relevant data for this optimisation process

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Product category: Measurement of physical properties and quantities

Profile Thickness Measurement

For the determination of thickness profiles all measuring systems can be executed as traversing systems. At this application the complete sensor or the C-frame is moving continuously over the whole strip width. The measuring system decreed of different traversing programms which the customer can adapt.

In addition to the profile thickness data’s the crown and wedge values can be calculated with this traversing system.

The traversing profile measurement is installed starting from the hot rolling mill to the inspection lines of the cold rolling mills. For close loop applications the traversing measurement will be combined with a centre line measurement. Alternativ the measuring system can be delivered as a three point gauge. At this the fixed centre line measurement is combined with adjustable edge area measuring points.

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Product category: Measurement of physical properties and quantities

Thickness Measurement

Depending on application and requirements Mesacon designes, developes and manufactures measuring systems for thickness measurement. We provide measuring systems for simple thickness measurement (centre line measurement), for traversing profile measurement up to complex Multi Channel Profile gauges including Flatness-, width and speed measurement.

For the application in painting and galvanizing lines MESACON Messelektronik supplies layer thickness gauges based on Isotope backscattering or X-ray fluorescence principle.

Matched to your specific operational conditions respectively your needs we offer you modular measuring systems as overall design as well as partial solution. Of course we develop and realize software and also hardware applications for existing installations, too.

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About us

Company details

MESACON Messelektronik is a manufacturer of thickness gauges for rolling mills, processing lines and steel-service centers. Our non-contact sensors are applied to measure the material thickness or coating thickness of flat products with X-ray, Isotope or Laser technology. Modular system components for non-contact and non-destructive measuring technique at real- time enable our customer for the fully automated control of their production processes.

We offer:

  • Thickness measuring systems
  • Layer thickness measuring systems
  • Basis weight measuring systems
  • Thickness profile measurement
  • Length- and speed measuring systems
  • Width measuring systems
  • Flatness gauges

MESACON measuring systems are proved to be reliable at forming processes and surface coating of most different strip materials all over the world. All MESACON thickness gauges are extendable with integrated speed, length, flatness or width measurement. The modular setup of our systems grants an easy revamp of old systems from all suppliers or will be applied for customized solutions fitting into customer’s line or mill.

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