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New possibilities in casting identification - Your key for a perfect traceability

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The power of data - Master data management as part of efficient processes in foundries

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Forecasts are difficult, especially for the future - Possibilities and limits of energy predictions

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In Form - CAD for simulation and 3D printing

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 24  Information processing
  • 24.04  Software for business and process data capture

Software for business and process data capture

Our products

Product category: Software for business and process data capture


Manufacturing Execution System (MES) specifically tailored to the needs of foundries with different modules for:


Automated and/or manual production data acquisition:

  • Operational Data apromaceBDE
  • Machine Data: apromaceMDE
  • Quality Data: apromaceQDE

Monitoring and Alarm:

  • Machine View, Hall Layout and Live Visualization: apromaceView
  • Maintenance Management: apromaceIMS
  • Alarm Management: apromaceAlarm
  • Energy Management: apromaceEMS

Data Analysis and Optimisation:

  • Overall Equipment Efficiency Key Performance Indicator: apromaceOEE/KPI
  • Statistical Process Control: apromaceSPC
  • process and component-based traceability: apromaceTrace

Long-term Archiving:

  • apromaceDB


Benefits: (Selection)

  • Reduction of production costs
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Optimisation of processes
  • Increase in process stability
  • Improvements in quality
  • Increase in production transparency


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About us

Company details

apromace data systems GmbH specializes in innovative, customized software solutions for the collection, analysis and tracking of production data in real time in the foundry and other industries. The company was founded as a spin-off of Technical University "Bergakademie" Freiberg, Germany in 2004.

In cooperation with the renowned "Freiberg Foundry-Institute", the Center of Excellence "Transparent Foundry" was initiated. As a result, the industry solution apromaceGUSS has been developed. This manufacturing execution system (MES) is specially tailored to the needs of foundries and allows customized MES-solutions in real time by using different modules for:

  • Production Data Acquisition (apromaceBDE, apromaceMDE, apromaceQDE),
  • Maintenance, Alarm, Energy Management (apromaceIMS, apromaceAlarm, apromaceEMS)
  • Key Indicators, Statistical Process Control, Process and Component-based Traceability (apromaceOEE, apromaceSPC, apromaceTrace)
  • Long-term Archiving (apromaceDB).

Analysis can be done through various process steps which allows a more thorough examination than the isolated tapping of process values. This may be connected to a customer-specific escalation management to identify trends and user-defined warning limits. Furthermore, all parts can be assigned up to their individual process parameters and processing steps. This allows (in case of a recall) a precise identification of the defined individual parts and is far more accurate than usual batch callback.

apromaceGUSS obtains its data directly from most of the machine controllers (PLC), equipment and instruments. The sampling rate of these data (eg, sand moisture, pressure, cycle time, and spectrometer values) is arbitrary and thus the fineness of the monitoring process. Additional manual entries are possible as well as the possible integration of existing customer-specific solutions. All information is collected in an efficient, real-time database and can both be subjected to statistical analysis as well as coupled to an existing ERP and planning systems.

Based on the proven standard-system and the available modules every foundry gets its best tailored individual solution.

The Manufacturing Executing System (MES) apromaceGUSS has proven itself in practice and set new standards in the production transparency and traceability. Like this, apromace became a preferred partner for national and international research projects. In the finished project PROSPERGUSS ("rich cast") the relationship between process and quality data was examined in detail. The project took place in cooperation with the German Fraunhofer research institute and various modern foundries.

Research results, practical experiences and customer-suggestions lead to a continuous development of our solutions. Apromace does not provide off-the-shelf software but sees itself as a partner to its customers on their way to a transparent and optimized production process - the "transparent foundry".

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